Terrorist Organizations and Covid-19

Terrorist organizations see crises as great opportunities to practice their suspicious activities all over the world. The world is currently preoccupied with the pandemic and how to combat the rapidly spreading Coronavirus, which gives terrorist organizations – especially ISIS – a breathing space to resurge, free their prisoners, recruit more […]

Houthis: Armed Tampering with Iranian Support

The Iran-affiliated Houthi militias continue to destabilize the region, according to the Iranian strategy of penetrating into the region’s countries, causing turmoil in it. According to Al-Arabiya, the Saudi air defenses should have intercepted two ballistic missiles in Riyadh air space on March 28, Also, the air defenses has another […]
الجيش اليمني

Qatar Is Leading Blocs Conflict inside Yemen’s Government

Yemini sources have accused Qatar-backed streams within the internationally recognized government of conducting an internal conflict after Prime Minister Mo’een Abdul Malik’s decision to suspend the Minister of Transport, Saleh al-Jabwani, affiliated with Doha, and transfer his powers to Deputy Prime Minister Salem Al-Khanbashi, against the background of his failure […]

What if Coronavirus Hits Northern Syria, UN Warns

The U.N. has demanded an immediate ceasefire in northern Syria, so civil organizations can deal with a possible coronavirus outbreak in that region and especially in Idlib, the home of 4 million people, where most of the citizens are forcibly displaced by the Assad regime from their own cities and […]

Lebanon.. Conflict Over Power between Allies

It seems that 60 days were enough to hit the bloc supporting Hassan Diab’s government in Lebanon, especially that it started to have internal fissures, the most prominent of which are the threats of the Marada Movement’s leader and former Minister of Interior, Suleiman Franjieh, who tweeted a threat withdrawing […]

Turkey’s Mercenaries under Libyan Army Fire

A militia commander and three mercenaries affiliated to Turkey and the Libyan Government of National Accord have been killed in the battles taking place south of the capital Tripoli, the Libyan army confirmed. “Mohammed al-Shawesh and three other mercenaries have been killed during an unsuccessful attack against the Libyan army […]

Will Trump End Turkish-Kurdish Conflict?

The conflict between Turkey and the Kurds has considerably escalated within the past few years, especially in Syria, where Turkey has intervened directly and moved its battles with the Kurds to the Syrian territories for the first time since that conflict started. But, despite the crossfire, there are signs of […]

Is This a New Kind of War, Caused by Coronavirus?

The recent wars and conflicts are no more launched for energy or countries’ attempts to expand, at least in the current situation, where Covid-19 is invading the world, and governments are acting like the gangs that they were chasing before. The most recent scenes of the international conflicts and turmoils […]

Morocco: Political Islam Parties Take Advantage of Coronavirus

As of March 22, 109 people in Morocco have been infected with the novel coronavirus Covid-19, three of them have died and three were cured. Meanwhile, health authorities increase the labs that can test the covid-19, including the Pasture de Maroc in Casablanca, the National Laboratory in Rabat and the […]

Qatar’s Money in Gaza Strengthens Division and Supports Israel

Qatari presence in Gaza has been very prominent in the past five years, represented by a great money influx granted monthly by Qatar under humanitarian cover for citizens and political figures of the Palestinian factions in Gaza Strip. The enormous amounts of money are being transferred by the Qatari ambassador […]