Ummah Party of Kuwait

By: Ahmad Al Abdullah If we want to provide a brief and adequate definition of Political Islam, we find out that it is far away from both Islam and Politics. Religiously speaking, Political Islam is based on a set of selective notions that form its distinctive inspiration, and upon which […]

Religious Extremism, Causes and Solutions

By: Ahmad Al-Remh We hear a lot about discontent with religious extremism phenomenon. This phenomenon is popping itself up in front of public opinion all over the world, but if we intend to control such a negative phenomenon, we have to illustrate reasons that have helped it emerge, denoting to […]

Movements of political Islam and violence

Ali Al-Abdullah – A Writer and a politician A panoramic study of the birth of political Islam and violence; the author reviews the implications of the Islamic Renaissance rationalism by the school rational book; to the rise of political Islam that began with the Muslim Brotherhood and the movements of […]

Ahrrar Al Sham: Foundation & End

Introduction: The idea of establishing Ahrrar Al Sham dates back to 2003 following the American invasion of Iraq, especially following the fall of Saddam Husein Regime represented in the fall of Baghdad. That period was marked with the emergence of Jihadist movements and activities. At that time, Syria was a […]
The Curricula in Daesh Caliphate

The Curricula in Daesh Caliphate

The Curricula in Daesh Caliphate Ahmad Talab Al-Nasser: a writer and researcher in the social and historical issues. Here is a descriptive study on the curricula in the Daesh Caliphate State, which includes: Levels of educations. The specifications of the books and the educational trend of the Caliphate State. Books […]

American and French Terrorists with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS. What is their endpoint?

Prepared by: Studies Unit at Middle East and North Africa MENA Introduction: When Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS declared its Caliphate State middle of 2014[1] in Al Rakkah as the capital, the World was surprised with the power of ISIS and how it managed to expand its domination […]

Hurras Al Deen and the conflict with Jabhat Al Nusra

Hurras (Guards of) Al Deen (Religion) is a Jihadi Salafi organization which formally defected from Haya’at Tahrir Al Sham (Formerly, Al Nusra). This defection, which came just after Abu Muhammed Al Jawlani, leader of Al Nusra, disconnected with Al Qaeda, caused a sharp split in the cabinet of Al Nusra. […]

Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists

Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists A critical study of Contemporary discourse of Delusive Islamists and how they went astray from the real message of Islam. This study investigates the crisis of this discourse and underlying reasons through the following headlines: Introduction Reminiscence of the Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists Its […]

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