Aid to Millions of Syrians Blocked by UN

Since 2014, people in need in Syria have received UN humanitarian. But now, support in the middle of the corona pandemic is on the brink – due to the veto of Russia and China. A blockade in the UN Security Council endangers humanitarian aid for millions of people in need […]

Turkey’s Intervention on Several Fronts, Violations against Minorities

German observers were prompted to examine and scrutinize the intentions, regionally and internationally, behind the latest Turkish attack on some regions in Iraqi Kurdistan. They looked into the undeclared intentions of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after launching an attack with two different names within few days: the Tiger’s Claw […]

Supported by Turkey, MB’s Ambitions Extend to Algeria

In conjunction with the developments in Libya, an Algerian source told MENA Research and Study Center that the Libyan crisis might extend to other countries on the norther African coasts, particularly to Tunisia and Algeria. The source points out that with the advance of the GNA forces, the Muslim Brotherhood […]

International Pressure Tries to Prevent Military Intervention in Libya

Turkey-backed Forces’ Advance May Lead to Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya The current chaos and insecurity in Libya are considered as direct threats to the national security of the neighboring countries, especially Egypt. In 2015, Egypt intervened and carried out several airstrikes in the cities of Sirte and Derna as […]

Turkish media are forbidden to write about luxury life of Erdogan family

Turkish President Erdogan and his wife live a luxurious lifestyle. A journalist writing about it is on trial for insult. It is well known that Emine Erdogan, the wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has a love for luxury accessories. But the media are not supposed to talk about […]

Turkish Nationalistic „Grey Wolves“ Attack Women in Austria

On June 22, Turkish nationalist extremists attacked a women’s rally in Vienna. The Turkish ultra-nationalist “Gray Wolves” regularly intimidate minorities. The noise from the police helicopters was heard until late at night yesterday. For a long time there was no peace on the streets of Vienna’s district „Favoriten“, where a […]

Tunisia questions legitimacy of Tripoli’s GNA, sparks Islamists’

During a visit to France, Tunisian President Kais Saied raised the issue of legitimacy in Libya at a time when other countries began to review their stance regarding the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA). Experts on Libya’s policy say the ongoing military showdown in the North African country has […]

Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Threat on Egypt

In our previous papers we talked about turning Libya into a Muslim Brotherhood state and society. We said that will bring horrible consequences to the Libyan society, we also said that Libya will be the main base from which the MB will settle its scores with the others. The first […]
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