Controlling Sirte, the Gateway to Libya’s Treasures

The Libyan internal conflict – started back in 2011 – is escalating, as tensions between external parties involved in this conflict are increasing. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who supports the Libyan National Army commander Khalifa Hafter, announced that Egypt might start a military intervention in Libya, since Turkey is […]

Libyan Tribes Create Competition between Egypt, Algeria

More Algerian fear a possible violent conflict, as Egypt tends to arm Libyan tribes and bring them into conflict, whereas Algeria wants the tribes to have a role in formulating a political solution by pressuring the Libyan parties to sit at the negotiating table, ending the fierce war in Libya. […]

From Italy to Jordan – Drugs are the Syrian regime’s way to avoid sanctions and still earning money

Weeks after Italy has seized a drug shipment originated from Syria, the Jordanian army announced today that its border guard foiled an attempt to smuggle a drug shipment from the Syria into Jordan, containing 252 weed packs. The Jordanian army has announced several times earlier that it has seized attempts […]
المرتزقة السوريين في ليبيا

Syrian mercenaries in Libya and the Erdogan-Muslim Brotherhood surprise

Observation and Investigation Unit at MENA Research and Study Centre Introduction The two memoranda of understanding passed the Turkish parliament on December 21, 2019, and on January 2, 2020, enabled Turkey to send military forces to Libya for supporting the „Government of National Accord“(GNA). That was done to effectively restore […]
تمثال أردوغان في كولن

Erdoganian Phenomenon and its arms in EU

Prepared by the Political Analyst Unit in MENA Research and Study Center Introduction EU countries – Germany in particular – are the favorite destination for Muslim refugees and Turks who are looking for job opportunities. Since the end of World War II, Turk communities have spread all over Europe, but […]
Grey Wolfs

The Grey Wolves conquering Europe

Summary The ultra-nationalistic and Islamist Turkish movement „Gry Wolves“ aka „Ülkücü“ were recently covered on the front pages of international newspapers again after days of riots in Austria’s capital Vienna This study is trying to line out: the historical and ideological background of the movement using violence by group members […]
refugees in greece

Study: A Western View on The Refugee Crisis in Syria, Turkey and Greece

The dramatically increasing refugee crisis in the Syrian province of Idlib, on the Greek islands and at the EU’s external borders shows that the EU is torn apart in terms of asylum and migration policy and is hardly capable of acting in terms of foreign and security policy. What can […]
المسلمون في أوروبا

The West in the Eyes of Eastern, Contemporary Reading – Thesis and Interpretations

Unlike the books of Bernard Lewis, Huntington, author of “The Clash of Civilizations” back in 1993, or Francis Fukuyama, author of “The End of History and The Last Man” from 1992, this article does not discuss the viewpoint of the intellectual elites of the West with regard to Islamic societies. […]

Social Diversity and its Effects on the Political Situation

By: Rasheed Hawrani Different countries in the world usually pay attention to the internal structure of their societies and manage social diversity and pluralism. Human communities are different in terms of geography, values, demography, ethnicity and culture, they have different ideologies in which all the above-mentioned factors interact. Ideological diversity […]

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