Accountability session in Tunisian parliament, Arab tour of Mechichi in search of funding

On Monday, the Tunisian parliament will be holding an accountability session for six ministers in Hichem Mechichi’s government.

The Parliament page on the social media “Facebook” published a statement yesterday, Sunday, stating: “the House of Representatives will hold a plenary session on Monday to ask oral questions from a number of deputies to 6 government ministers.”

“The ministers who will be held accountable are the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tunisians Abroad, the Acting Minister of Domestic Affairs and Environment, the Minister of Tourism, the Acting Minister of Cultural Affairs, the Minister of Religious Affairs, the Acting Minister of State Property and Real Estate Affairs, and the Minister of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructure,” as written in the statement.

Irrelevantly, Hichem Mechichi, Tunisian Prime Minister, has intensified his foreign movements in recent days in search of economic support that would get the country out of its exacerbated crisis.

Al- Mechichi has been to Qatar as a three-day visit since Friday evening. The visit was preceded by another one to neighboring Libya that contributed to the conclusion of a number of economic agreements.

Al- Mechichi’s visit to Qatar comes as Tunisia tries to find financing and loans to help it face the current economic crisis. The authorities have not announced the visit until after the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation arrived in Doha, and after the Qatar News Agency circulated the news of the visit.

For the past years, Tunisia has been borrowing money, which has accumulated the public debt that crossed the red lines. This debt has made all Tunisia’s current and future moves hostage to compromises so they can gain new support. Tunisia suffers like other Third World countries, from the reluctance of investors to invest in these countries due to lack of their ability to withstand fluctuations, especially in light of the repercussions of Corona.

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