Afghani Attack against Iran, Due to Shiite Mobilization

Afghan officials have launched an attack on the Iranian regime accusing it of working to stir up sedition and ignite sectarian war in their country. These accusations came in response to the news about the formation of the so-called “Shiite Mobilization” that is Iranian-backed in Afghanistan.

In the same context, Qassem Wafaizadeh, an official in the Afghan Ministry of Intelligence and Culture, has described the announcement of building up an armed faction with this name as some kind of conspiracy against Afghanistan. Zadeh has implied that the Iranian regime is seeking to expand the war horizon in the country and increase its complexity.

It is noteworthy that Zadeh’s statements come days after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s. the former Iranian President.  Ahmadinejad has acknowledged that the role which is played by the Iranian regime in Afghanistan is unfavorable since it provides support to Taliban describing his country’s role in Afghanistan as part of a diabolical plan.

In addition, Zadeh has stressed that the effects of Iranian government fueling conflicts in his country will not stop at the geographical borders of Afghanistan, but will trigger a fire that will reach Iran as well. “These mercenary groups and foreigners’ tools have no place among the Afghan people,” Zadeh adds.

Concurrently, Shah Hussain Murtazavi, the chief adviser to the Afghan president, has considered that the Iranian regime is implementing a Scheming plan in Afghanistan and fueling the sedition inside the country as well. “Afghanistan will never experience the conflicts of Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon,” he says.  “Afghanistan is a role model for accepting the various religious sects in the Islamic world, and the sedition of Iran will fail,” Murtazavi adds.

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