After Assaulting Abir Moussi, Ghannouchi Demands to Dissolve the Neo “Destour” Party sit-in by Force

Rached Ghannouchi, the Tunisian Parliament Speaker, has filed a complaint against the Neo Destour Bloc for disrupting Parliament’s tasks after recent skirmishes and attacks that have taken place inside the parliament.

Ghannouchi’s complaint has come two days after MP Abir Moussi was assaulted as the MP-to-be Sahbi Smara slapped her in the face. “Anyone who resorts to violence, especially in state institutions, must be held accountable,” Kais Saied, the Tunisian President says in response to the incident.

According to Mohsen Al-Dali, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance in Tunis and head of the Communication and Information Unit, the Speaker of Parliament demanded in his complaint the Public Prosecution of the Public Force to authorize dissolving the party’s Members sit-in, which is occurring inside the Parliament, and prevent them from disrupting the council tasks. The Speaker of Parliament submitted this complaint to the Republic Agency at the Court of First Instance in Tunis against members of Neo Destour Party bloc last Wednesday.

“The Public Prosecution has forwarded the complaint to one of the security teams to conduct the necessary research and, in return, to inform the Public Prosecution later of the results of those researches to take the necessary decisions based on these results,” Al-Dali adds.

It is noteworthy that MP Abir Moussi, head of the Neo Destour Party, heads a parliamentary bloc of 16 people, and Members of Neo Destour Party are carrying out a sit-in in Parliament to express their refusal to sign an agreement between Tunisia and Qatar.

The Tunisian government has also expressed its condemnation of the assault on Moussi considering it an attack on Tunisian women and the gains they have achieved.

In addition, Rached Ghannouchi, Parliament Speaker, has condemned the assault using the strongest terms of condemnation and censure, according to a statement by Maher Madhyoub, his assistant that is in charge of media.

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