After His Talk About Hezbollah’s Weapons, Iran Opens Fire On Patriarch Al-Rahi

The Iranian Al-Alam channel attacked Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi the Maronite Patriarch, and accused him of supporting “normalization with Israel,” after his calls for neutrality and the holding of a special international conference for Lebanon.

The Maronite League denounced what was reported by the Arabic-language Al-Alam News Channel, including the fabrications and false accusations against the Maronite Patriarch who represents Lebanon and the Christians.

It also asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates to summon the Iranian ambassador and inform him that Lebanon, with all its components, rejects such stances.

Al-Alam TV- criticized normalization and those who follow its approach, this shameful approach that Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi is taking today in Lebanon, driven by right-wing groups known for their close relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Arab reactionary led by Samir Geagea.

In turn, Sheikh Naim Qassem the Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, rejected the party’s internationalization of the Lebanese situation, but made it clear that the party “does not wish to question the Maronite Patriarch about the ideas he proposed.”

Last Sunday, the Maronite Patriarch called on the Lebanese not to remain silent about illegal and non-Lebanese weapons, referring to Hezbollah’s weapons.

He also called in a speech to hundreds of his supporters in the patriarchal edifice in the Bkerke area north of Beirut, to save, liberate Lebanon, and face a coup situation in the country.

in addition, Al-Rahi wondered about the reasons for the control of one political group in Lebanon in the state of war and peace, at a time when the constitution says that the decision of war and peace is decided by the Lebanese government, as he described it.
He held the entire political class responsible for what Lebanon has reached now.

It is worth noting that Lebanon is still suffering from the dilemma of forming a new government headed by Saad Hariri, despite the passage of nearly half a year since the resignation of the previous government and the mandate of Hariri to form the new government, against the backdrop of the disaster of the Beirut port explosion last August.

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