Al-Houthi Implements IRGC Plan to Target Oil Facilities in Yemen

Yemeni sources have revealed on Monday June 7, that the Iranian Quds Force militia is behind targeting the gas station in the city of Marib, eastern Yemen.

The sources pointed out that there is a plan to target oil pipelines and gas stations, as part of the scorched earth policy to destroy the gas-rich city

“The Iranian Quds Corps is behind this plan through its executive tool and militia governor Hassan Erlo,” the sources said to Okaz newspaper.

“The Marib gas station incident represents the starting point of this plan after the militias failed to control it and suffered heavy casualties,” it added.

The death toll of the crime committed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia, by targeting a gas station in Al-Rawda neighborhood of Marib city, with a ballistic missile and a booby-trapped drone, has risen to 21 civilians, including two children.

In turn, Majed Fdaael, the Yemeni Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Rights, condemned the international silence regarding the heinous crime. He stressed that it is a war crime par excellence, imprescriptible, and its perpetrators must be brought to justice. Fdaael also explained that the silent one is a partner in crime and is no different from the perpetrators

Fdaael called on the international community to take a clear stand on this crime. He stressed that it was necessary to move quickly to pressure the militia to stop its violations and abide by international law.

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