“Al-Sabiqoon Battalion” … New Militia Adopts the Targeting of “Erbil Airport”

A new militia in Iraq, which called itself the “Al-Sabiqoon Battalion,” has announced its responsibility for targeting Erbil International Airport, in the north of the country, through a statement posted on websites close to the Iranian-backed militias.

“We adopt the resistance of America and the expulsion of American forces from all countries of the region, our basic condition is that the occupation must come out of all the region, and we will target their bases in all Muslim countries,” the Battalion says.

A drone carrying explosives has targeted a base for the International Coalition in the vicinity of Erbil airport in the Kurdistan region on Wednesday evening, without expecting any human or material losses.

In addition, the armed faction has declared in the statement its rejection of the strategic discussion between Iraq and the United States, describing the faction as “an integral part of the axis of the Shiite Islamic resistance.”

This is the third attack targeting Erbil airport in the last 6 months, as the airport was exposed to a barrage of missiles in October 2020. As a result, the Kurdistan authorities accused the Popular Mobilization Militia of being behind the attack.

It is noteworthy that an armed militia called the “Awliya al-Dam Brigades” has claimed responsibility for the attack, threatening to escalate against targets and bases belonged to United States and the international coalition in Iraq.

At the time, KRG of Iraq has directly accused the Iranian-backed militia PMF of responsibility for the missile attacks that targeted Erbil airport.

The government has drawn attention to the fact that the Katyusha rockets used in the attack were launched from a pickup truck within the borders of the 30th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization

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