Algerian presidential elections at the bottleneck

The Algerian public is in a state of “political rejection” for the next stage, including the presidential elections, which are supposed to be held on December 12. The absence of prominent names shining on the ballot-list of candidates has disappointed the Algerian voter  so far, hoping to get rid of anything related to the old regime.

Amidst the people’s rejection concerning presidential elections, the Algerian authorities insist on holding them on time, in an unprecedented negative atmosphere, including demonstrations in the capital and other cities in Algeria

Successive clashes

During the past months, clashes between the Algerian leadership and the protest movement, which was already successful in toppling former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, have continued. In some cases, the protests cumulated in a direct and fortunately unbloody confrontation with the Algerian security forces. That made the political situation in the country even more unstable having an election.

A correct preparation and conduct for elections requires a calm atmosphere, free media access of all participating candidates, an active civil society. But the Algerian situation seems to be quite contrary recently.

The Algerian authorities want all people to participate in the elections and want the ballot boxes to receive as high as possible amount of voting tickets, therefore the ongoing movement less than two months before the elections makes the authorities worried.

In this regard, the Algerian interim President Abdelkader Bensaleh in a written speech on occasion of the National Day of the Press called on his citizens participating in the polls saying that “the popular movement has achieved one of its main demands, expressed in the peaceful civilization movement.”

The Algerian Minister of Justice Belkacem Zeghmati said this Tuesday that the presidential elections, scheduled for December 12, “constitute a lifeline that was placed in the hands of the Algerians, in a ruthless world, where many groups lurk in the country.”

“We are all called for a historic day, in which Algerians will once again chart the path of the future to open the doors of relief in times of adversity, on the path of those who preceded us to selflessness, in the best interest of our homeland, Algeria“, he added.

Public Opinion

In the eyes of many Algerians, the list of candidates is lacking prominent names together with a clear and democratic political history, causing disappointment for those voters, combined with the fear of a regime restortation.  The number of candidates for the presidential race reached 140, the majority of them lack political experience except the men of the old regime, most notably former prime minister Ali Benflis and Abdelmadjid Tebboune, both were most important pillars of the late President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a fact worrying Algerians and pushing them into constant objection.

The Algerian street is boiling, demonstrating and rejecting any elections under the “supervision of symbols of the Bouteflika regime” and without guarantees, considering that pushing for presidential elections by the authorities should be “popularly rejected” under the current circumstances and is “intransigence and ignoring the civil movement”.

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