Amid Threats of MB, New Decisions from Tunisian President

Tunisian President Kais Saied has issued a decree dismissing a number of officials in high positions in the state and government, as part of a set of exceptional decisions, the first of which was the freezing of parliament and the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi.

The dismissals have issued by the Tunisian presidency included the Secretary-General of the Government, the Director of the Government’s Office, advisers to the former Prime Minister, Head of the General Authority for the Dead and Wounded in the Revolution and Terrorist Operations, and some officials in the Prime Minister’s office.

It is noteworthy that Saied has refused to describe his decisions as a coup, according to what the Ennahda, which controls the parliament presidency, says. Saied has stressed that his decisions are constitutional and comes within the activation of Section 80 of Tunisia’s constitution.

Simultaneously, the MB, which considers Ennahda its political arm in Tunisia, has threatened to escalate against the Tunisian president, warning the Tunisian state with a similar fate to some countries if Saied did not reverse his decisions regarding the government and parliament.

In a statement published by local media, the group has hinted that Tunisia would drowned into violence, sabotage and bloodshed if the decision to suspend parliament continued and was not reversed immediately. The MB has noted that it had held extensive consultations to discuss scenarios for confrontation with the Tunisian president and to prevent the fall of the organization in Tunisia.

Saied had confirmed earlier, that his patience, had run out because he had repeatedly warned and that he was able to assign anyone to form a government, but Saied knew that he would not have a majority, so he preferred to give the state institutions the opportunity. “There are those who turned the revolution into a booty and robbed the people’s will, I call on everyone to remain calm and not be drawn into provocations and rumors, as I do not want a single drop of blood to shed, and the law must be applied to everyone,” Saied said.

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