Ammonium Nitrate for “Hezbollah” … Details Leaked by Lebanese Politician

Sources, close to the Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt, circulated information which claim to reveal the truth about the Beirut port bombing and Hezbollah’s involvement in bringing ammonium nitrate to Lebanon. MENA RaSC could review those documents:

  1. Due to the difficulty and risks of transporting missiles from Iran to southern Lebanon, Tehran decided to manufacture them inside Lebanon with Iranian assistance and expertise
  2. The most important step for manufacturing those deadly weapons is the transfer of ammonium nitrate from production sites in Georgia to Lebanon
  3. The shipment (2750 tons) was purchased and transported by a ship named (Rhodes) on the basis that it was heading to Mozambique. The name of the buyer from Georgia and the name of the consignee in Mozambique remained secret until now
  4. The ship arrived at Beirut, faked a technical problem and stopped. Later, an agreed upon judicial dispute was fabricated between two creditors who claimed the dispute before the interim relief judge to take a decision in order to stop the travel of the ship
  5. The judge seems to be the secret link in the case. His task is to confirm the transfer of the goods to the port on the pretext that their presence for the period of the trial constitutes a danger to the ship! This judge is either from the Hezbollah group or just a bribed person!
  6. The judge, instead of issuing a judgment to dispatch the ship to Mozambique, allowed the crew to leave the ship and then at a later stage he allowed the ship to travel after having an invented settlement of the dispute and on the pretext that the malfunction had been fixed
  7. The judge’s decision to transfer the ammonium to warehouses in the port number 429 dated 04-27-2014, and addressed to the director of the port. The transfer was carried out to Hezbollah warehouses where weapons, chemicals, and explosives were stored, and there were previously small quantities of ammonium in them. So the large shipment was deposited in a warehouse called Amber 12. All these warehouses are under the control of Hezbollah and were guarded by it. Neither customs nor state security nor public security nor the army could get close to them. The materials were entered and outputted under the command of Hezbollah through a special gate called (Fatima Gate) which is known to be not subject to the management of the port and it is similar to the crossings of Hezbollah on the borders with Syria!
  8. The port director, Badri Daher, sent several letters to the interim relief judge protesting the transfer and survival of the materials, and noting their danger: – On 5-12-2014 – On 20-6-2015 – On 13-10-2016 – On 07-19-2017 – On 28-12-2017 He asked to either hand it over to the army or sell it to a private company that would sell in its turn abroad, however the judge did not respond!
  9. These warehouses that contain weapons coming from Iran and from smuggling markets are used to feed Hezbollah members operating anywhere, as follows: – Ammonium nitrate for multiple missile factories in Lebanon – A part is sent to Hezbollah groups in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and others! – The party used ammonium nitrate from its warehouses for the killing of Hariri in an amount of 2.5 tons in 2005 – Ammonium nitrate was used in Kuwait in 2015 through the Abdali cell, in an amount of 500 kg, and that was revealed – To Cyprus in 2012, with a quantity of 8.2 tons, and which was revealed – To Britain in 2015, in an amount of 3 tons, and which was revealed – To Bolivia in 2017 with an amount of 2.5 tons and revealed – To Germany in 2020 and which was discovered last May All of this indicates the presence of ammonium nitrate in Hezbollah warehouses in the port before and after the major shipment!
  10. Israel is aware of the existence of Hezbollah warehouses and is monitoring the arrival and storage of weapons via the permanent satellite over Lebanon. During the period of realistic peace concluded with Hezbollah, the warehouses were not subjected to any attack, and even Israel tolerated Hezbollah’s entry into Syria and its movement through its own crossings.
  11. After the American decision to expel Iran from Syria, Israel targeted the joint groupings of the Iranian Guard Forces, Hezbollah and the regime in Syria. However it did not attack Hezbollah in Lebanon respecting the borders’ agreement held with Hezbollah.
  12. When Israel discovered an Iranian plan with Hezbollah to conduct operations from Lebanon, and after Hezbollah sent a group of 4 fighters that penetrated the borders west of Quneitra by an order of the Hezbollah cell. That was the beginning of the Israeli move against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Here Israel killed the cell by a raid attack west of Quneitra.
  13. A ship arrived at Beirut port, unloading a shipment of weapons into the warehouse No. 5, and Israel raided and destroyed it. Although warehouse No. 12 was relatively far away, the ammonium nitrate exploded either due to a short circuit, an intentional fire ignition, or due to intense heat. Therefore, the explosion caused by the weapons raid spread shrapnel and intense heat, which caused the explosion of the ammonium nitrate warehouse. The most important testimony to this is what was reported by Mrs. Naela Tueni, where her office in Al-Nahar newspaper overlooks the port. The newspaper editing team and she said: “ we heard the roar of planes, so we went out to the balcony to check, and suddenly we saw and heard the first explosion which spread a black cloud. We entered inside the office and in less than a minute, the massive explosion spread a yellow or an orange cloud with the smells of chemicals.
  14. Immediately after the explosion, Hezbollah pushed members of its army to the scene of the explosion and prevented any Lebanese security or military official from approaching the vicinity of warehouses 5 and 12 and others
  15. Israel was aiming from the raid to send a strong message to Hezbollah warning it of violating the agreement and did not intend warehouse 12 or did not expect it to explode due to the heat, so it kept silent and did not claim its responsibility because of the martyrs and the massive destruction! The Lebanese government is the first to claim that the matter is nothing more than the explosion of stored games fireworks! Neither Israel, nor the government nor Hezbollah accused Israel via a counter-message, which means that Hezbollah does not want to retaliate or breach the peace agreement! Only the people of Lebanon have paid the price for this conflict on its land, because of the presence of a Persian army that has the decision to make war and peace, turning the president of the republic into a décor, Abdul-Muti`, and the House of Representatives into a stable of hypocrites begging at the doors of Hezbollah’s offices!

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