Arab people celebrate the killing of Soleimani and other „leaders of terrorism“

قاسم سليماني

Iraqi demonstrators expressed great happiness last Friday after the killing of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qasem Soleimani and a number of his followers in Iraq.

Where the Iraqis accuse Soleimani of being the first responsible for leading the bloody repression against their peaceful protests for several months, claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people.

AFP reported that hundreds of Iraqis gathered since the early morning hours on Tahrir Square in Baghdad and started singing and chanting, expressing their great happiness in the death of Soleimani, due to the level of pain and the amount of killing caused by him.

One of the Iraqi demonstrators shouted, “O Qasem Soleimani, this is a divine victory,” and “It is the karma effect for the martyr’s blood,” meaning revenge for the blood of those, who fell in the arenas of dignity, at the hands of Soleimani’s followers.

Social media users also shared a video clip, showing demonstrators singing and raising a great Iraqi flag on Tahrir Square area early Friday, as soon as Soleimani’s death was confirmed.

The man who recorded the clip said: “These people went out to express their pleasure for the death of the killer of their protesting comrades.”

About 500 people were killed during the protest movement, and 25,000 were wounded, according to the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq.

Iraqi journalist Muhammad Abdul-Baqi wrote about the killing of the Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani:“ The head of terrorism, murder and destruction in the world has snatched, how many Syrians has he killed and burned?… How much he plundered the bounties of Iraq … how much blood was shed in Iraq… how many he killed in Yemen? … How much he supported the militias of Hezbollah in Lebanon and how did he cause the failure of the state of Lebanon.”

He also added: “The fear is what comes next. Would the people of the region, especially the Iraqis, pay the price of the American-Iranian war?”

As for the Iraqi anchor, Nawras Al-Orfi, he said: “Whoever thinks that his death will aggravate the situation between US and Iran is delusional. The relationship between Washington and Tehran is too great to be affected by the killing of a person or the destruction of an aircraft.“ He added: “We hope that it will be a good year in which the enemies of Arab revolutions will be eliminated.”

Syrian anchor Thaer Al-Tahleh wrote on his Facebook page: “We are the people who have got rights to rejoice and simplify and celebrate the murder of a criminal who occupied our country and made us homeless and killed our people. Qasem Soleimani was Iran’s tool to establish the axis of evil in the region, and now he is dead.”

Syrian journalist Muhammad Jazzar expressed his joy by saying: “I wish he had Abdel-Bari Atwan with him in the car… considering that he was on his way to liberate Jerusalem.”

Activist “Bishr Al-Hawi” wrote on his Facebook page: “Today the earth and humanity rejoice the death of criminals, the sweetest day of the morning, today dances the Levant, Baghdad closes its eyes and sleeps comfortably, and joy spreads in the streets of Sanaa.”

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