Arrests Campaign In Turkey Against (HDP) Leaders

Turkish security authorities launched Today, Monday Feb.16, a campaign of arrests against a number of leaders of the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP), a day after 13 Turkish citizens were killed in a cave in northern Iraq after they were liquidated by the (PKK).

Turkish media reported that Turkish security forces carried out a security campaign in 40 provinces in the country, affecting 718 people, including the heads (HDP) branches in the provinces.

According to Turkish security sources, during the campaign, security seized a large number of weapons, organizational and digital documents in the detainees’ homes and workplaces.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities have arrested, during the last period, several mayors affiliated with the (HDP), and isolated them.

On Sunday, Ankara announced that its forces had found the bodies of 13 civilians, who were shot to death at close range, when they raided one of the (PKK) caves in the Gara region in northern Iraq.

Despite the HDP’s denial of its association with the (PKK), the authorities in Turkey say that the Kurdish party provides support to the organization, which is classified as a “terrorist entity.”

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