British Police Launches Investigation with Asmaa Al-Assad

The London police have opened a preliminary investigation into Asmaa al – Akhras, Bashar Al – Assad’s wife, and her role in “inciting terrorist acts” during the war in Syria.

A report published on Sunday March 14, by the British newspaper The Sunday Times says that Assad’s wife will face possible prosecution and denationalization. The report explains that the accusations of “incitement to terrorism” are linked to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons during the conflict, which British authorities classify as a terrorist act.

According to the newspaper, launching the initial investigation against Assad’s wife after the Guernica 37 International Lawyers Organization provided evidence of Asma’s influence among Syria’s ruling class and her support for the Assad armed forces.

The newspaper quoted the police spokesman as confirming that on July 31, last year, its war crimes unit received a request relating to the Syrian conflict, and this request is still under consideration. The unit rules out the arrival of Assad’s wife in the UK for possible trial, and it is unclear whether the British judicial authorities will proceed with her trial in absentia.

The international police “Interpol” is more likely to issue a “red note” preventing Assad’s wife from leaving Syria without facing the risk of arrest, the newspaper writes.

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