Civilians in Gaza are Victims of War Machine and Political Interests

Citizens in the Gaza Strip are in a state of resentment and extreme discontent, after Hamas and its armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, have dragged the Strip into a war with Israel. The war has destroyed everything and brought citizens into more complex and wider crises. Hundreds of homeless families are now threatened with hunger and diseases, epecially with the continuing outbreak of the Corona epidemic in a large scale inside the Gaza Strip.

About 38 thousand families are staying in schools belonging to the UNRWA Relief Agency, after their neighbourhoods and residential areas have been bombed and destroyed. This pushed these families to leave their homes and resort to schools as an alternative and temporary shelter. Thus, the residents of Gaza have entered a new chapter of pain and suffering, after the UNRWA administration refused to provide them with humanitarian services inside those schools.

The war also has stopped many humanitarian and economic projects that were undertaken by Arab and European countries, especially the infrastructure projects that Arab countries were intending to implement during the current period, but what happened in escalation hindered the possibility of implementing them later.

On the political level, observers see that what is happening is part of the Iranian axis’s plan, as it is the only beneficiary of the war in the Palestinian territories, while the price of the political agendas falls on the homeless civilians who sleep without food or drink.

Thirteen individuals, including children and women, are members of the family of displaced Abu Yazan (46), who sought refuge in one of the UNRWA schools, west of Gaza City. This was after the house of Abu Yazan in the Shejaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza, was destroyed by the Israeli warplanes last Thursday evening. They are now living without the slightest necessities of life in one of the classrooms of the school.

“The situation in which hundreds of families and I live inside schools is deplorable, and the place is not suitable for humane living,” Abu Yazan says to MENA monitor. 

“We, as defenceless citizens, are still suffering from the effects of the Israeli war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, and we are unable to bear a new and devastating war,” he adds.

“The conditions of the displaced citizens inside schools differ from the conditions that we were exposed to during previous wars. We spent days and no humanitarian or relief institution came to provide us with the necessary support in terms of clothing, food and drink,” Abu Yazan points out. 

“Even the popular committees in Hamas did not visit and support the displaced,” he continues.  

As for the citizen Abu Kayed (59), who was displaced to that school, he expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the conditions that he lives in the school. He also stressed that Hamas will make the citizens of Gaza homeless throughout their lives, due to Hamas’s insistence on contacting Israel without taking into account the conditions of the people of Gaza.

“The lava of the airplanes that levelled our houses to the ground made us lose the basic requirements and left us without electricity or water, and no one could offer us anything,” Abu Kayed explains to Mena. 

The citizen called on political and military leaders of Hamas to stop military action quickly before it is too late, as the numbers of displaced people increase every day in light of Israel’s continuous targeting of residential neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip. Abu Kayed also warned that the accumulation of displaced people will spread diseases, as happened in previous times, especially the Corona epidemic, which is still spreading widely in the Gaza Strip.

In the context of this, the writer and political analyst in Gaza (kh_Z) stated that Hamas is taking advantage of the wars that strike Gaza from time to time, in order to increase the generous financial and military support that Iran provides to it. Iran is also considered a beneficiary in the media and in its negotiations on the nuclear file. 

“Iran is seeking by all means, through its axes, to serve its agendas, while children, women and innocent people pay the price,” the analyst adds to MENA monitor.

“Hamas must advance the interest of its people before its own. In all wars, the citizen in Gaza is affected. Whoever destroys his home and loses his family members will remain affected throughout his life, and the owners of industrial and commercial establishments who have lost their interests will line up on the lists of the poor and the unemployed just like others,” he adds

The political analyst explained that Iran had succeeded in destroying many Arab peoples, when it supported the leaders of those peoples to clash with other countries. The best evidence for this is what is happening in Yemen from the Iranian-backed Houthi rebellion against the Yemeni and Saudi government, to create a state of instability in the region. Here it is repeating the scenario again with Hamas, by pushing it to enter into an escalation with Gaza, in order to cover up the Vienna dialogues about the agreement on the nuclear program.

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