Clashes between Iranian Security and Protesters Ahvaz

Protesters have set fire to an Iranian police car in Ahvaz city in the southwestern of the country during the so-called “water protests.”

“Burning this car that belongs to the security forces in the Arab city of Ahvaz, southern Iran, has come after violent clashes that led to significant injuries among the protesters,” The opposition People’s Mujahedin of Iran says on Twitter.

A video clip published by opposition Iranian news platforms has shown a car belonging to the security forces is being burned in Ahvaz last night as this car was surrounding protesters who were angry due to the lack of potable water.

Other video clips have also shown large crowds in different parts of the Arab Khuzestan Province as they are marching through the streets of their cities to demand the provision of water and the resignation of officials in local governments. This anger has rised because of the officials’ mismanagement of this crisis that is afflicting the region which is inhabited by nearly five million people.

Protesters in the city of Shadegan have shouted slogans against the Iranian regime, “We are dying of thirst,” while some young demonstrators have found themselves in a clash with security forces confronting the repressive campaign launched by the authorities against protesters in Khuzestan regions.

It is noteworthy that since last Thursday, protests have continued in Iran on account of the lack of potable water; these demonstrations have been taking place in more than 17 cities in Khuzestan Province and are met with a widespread repression by the security forces that killed 3 people and injured dozens.

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