Conflict Ignites within MB in Turkey.. Leaders Jump from the Boat

Informed sources have revealed a major dispute within the leaders of the Egyptian MB, residents of Turkey, pointing out that the disagreements escalated after some leaders pledged to quit political work completely, in exchange for allowing them to stay in Turkey.

The sources also have indicated that a number of the group’s leaders submitted new residence applications in Turkey, accompanied by certificates proving their retirement from politics. Some of them have already resigned from the MB and stopped paying money and contributions to the group’s financial funds, Al Arabiya reported.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish security authorities restricted the movements of the group’s leaders to coincide with the start of talks to normalize relations with Egypt, months ago. It also suspended the media activity of Egyptian media professionals affiliated with the MB, including the journalist Moataz Matar and the journalist Mohamed Nasser.

In the same context, the sources have confirmed that the leaders resigned from the group will go to financial and economic work away from any political activity in Turkey. The sources have stressed that the Turkish government offered economic and investment privileges to a number of businessmen in return for freezing their political activities.

It is noteworthy that Sameh Shoukry, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, has described Turkey’s decision to ban the MB’s media activities as a “positive step” in accordance with the rules of international law and normal relations between countries based on non-interference in internal affairs. Shoukry has said that the continuation of these policies means, “Normalizing relations” between the two countries and reaching a better framework.

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