Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists

Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists

A critical study of Contemporary discourse of Delusive Islamists and how they went astray from the real message of Islam. This study investigates the crisis of this discourse and underlying reasons through the following headlines:

  • Introduction
  • Reminiscence of the Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists
  • Its Dependence on Crude Holistic Culture
  • Doctrines and Sectarianism in the Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists
  • Failure to keep-up with modernity
  • Superiority of Islamic discourse
  • Conspiracy theory
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction


Undoubtedly, there is a big difference between the prophecy speech pattern and that of the contemporary Delusive Islamists. Prophecy speech was a communal and entailed no intellectual or physiological exclusion and exemptive speeches attributed to Prophet Muhammad can’t resist the proof of mercy and humanitarian verses of the Holy Quran despite their efforts to defend these exemptive speeches. In this regard, we can find many verses in many Surahs of the Holy Quran that prove this merciful and humane tendencies.

In Younis Surah, verse 108, Allah says: “Say: “O you mankind! Now truth (i.e. the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad has come to you from your Lord. So, whosoever receives guidance, he does so for the good of his own self; and whosoever goes astray, he does so to his own loss; and I am not (set) over you as a Wakil (disposer of affairs to oblige you for guidance).”

In Al Kahef Surah, Verse 29, Allah says: “And say: “The truth is from your Lord,” Then whosoever wills, let him believe; and whosoever wills, let him disbelieve.”

In Al Ghashia Surah, verse 12 and 22, Allah Says: “So remind, “O Muhammad; you are only a reminder.”

The prophetic discourse didn’t only advocate these theories but also applied them. Collectivity was a strategic objective and two examples illustrate this. The first one is Al Madinah Journal which reflected all social and doctrinal components of the society. The aim of this was to attain social justice and the protection of citizens. The second example is the way prophecy dealt with Kuraish when Muslim conquered Makkah. Muslim coming from Al Madina did not deal with People of Makkah with a retaliation mentality and revenge culture. Muslims were very tolerant and they established for forgiveness culture that originally stems from Qur’an. This Qura’nic culture doesn’t compel any person to believe in Islam. Safwan Ben Umayyad was the most influential misbeliever, yet Prophet Muhammad relied on him for availing logistic equipment for the battle against Hunain.

On the contrary, Contemporary Message of Delusive Islamists is now suffering from a crisis that breeds an exemptive behavior that is dominated by ISIS logic that reached an unprecedented level of McCarthyism.

Undoubtedly, political Islam has been exposed to brutal oppression by tyranny regimes, and Islamists have been disputing with secularists. Yet, this mustn’t justify their inclination to hatred culture against others. This hatred paved the way for physiological exemption and justified apostasy fatwas derived from former generations. Such apostasy fatwas permitted violation of others’ rights and disconnected all possible ties with others for long time to come.    

What are the reasons for this approach?

I don’t want to talk bout the objective aspect of the matter in this concern as I referred to some before, rather I would like to talk about the subjective aspects based on my strong believe that revisions and constructive criticism can better make up for the default rather than putting it on the wrong track.

The reality we need to admit is that this discourse has gone astray from the course of the Holly Quran with all its humanitarian intentions. This new trend has become closer and closer to the exemptive and destructive approach. Our religious education suffers from many problems, and these problems have made this education outside civil coexistence which makes it in need for humanitarian and cognitive reconstruction. Reconstruction is a must until the hatred discourse stops and the fruitless antagonism with others goes away. Such antagonism leads to a great strategic loss on part of the Muslims’ Nation and a great damage to the reputation of Islam. The extermination of hatred culture will help us stop wasting the energy of the young as we lose on daily basis as a result of adoring death culture and the hatred to life culture. Here are some of the reasons for this crisis:

Reminiscence as a Reference for Contemporary Discourse:

To a large extent, the Contemporary Delusive message of Islamists largely depends on fatwas and doctrines of ancestors. These fatwas and doctrines constitute a reminiscent vision that appeared in different circumstances in the past. Contemporary Islamists adopt this vision as a guidance for their thought and behavior. What early scholars of Fatwa said about a sect or an ethnic group has been considered to be a sacred script to be followed. Such mentality is still dominant in the minds of contemporary Delusive Islamists as if the current generations of these sects or ethnic groups are a photocopy of their ancestors although thousand years passed. Islamists disparaged the change of state’s form and the way modern states deal with their citizens.

Consequently, the adoption of these reminiscent judgements against grandchildren of those sects and to be blamed for what their ancestors did although grandchildren have the same concerns about democracy and dictatorship like the majority of citizens, is a problematic crisis experienced by contemporary Islamists. Their crisis lies in the distinction between two ages that are different in duties and conditions i.e. age of controversies and age of citizenship, age of empires and the age of civil state. The adoption of this reminiscent mentality has put grandchildren with their ancestors in the same boat. This is definitely a mentality of hatred that was refuted in the Holly Quran. In Al Ana’am Surah, Verse 164, Allah says: “And every soul earns not blame except against itself, and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another”.     

Nevertheless, contemporary Islamists insist that current generation of those sects and ethnic groups have got the same mentality of their ancestors. This stereotyped attitude badly needs a thorough revision.

Its Dependence on cCude Holistic Culture

The domination of reminiscent culture in the mentality of Islam made it go in the opposite direction of the Holly Quran when judging a sect, an ethnic group or even people as a whole. This culture causes totalitarian judgements that are exactly identical with those of their ancestors. Such generalization is totally rejected in the Holly Quran as the Holly Quran denies crude holistic culture and differentiates between people of the same sect or ethnic group. This is clear when Quran speaks about Jews who have doctrinal disputes with Muslims and yet, Quran doesn’t put them all in one boat. In Al A’araf Surah, Verse 168, Allah says: “And we divided them throughout the earth into nations. Of them some were righteous, and of them some were otherwise. And we tested them good times and bad that perhaps they would return to obedience”.

The Holly Quran rejects the crude holistic culture as a negative attitude towards those who have different doctrines.

In Al Omran Surah, verse 113, Allah says: “They are not all the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing in obedience, reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating in prayer”. 

Here the Holly Quran emphasizes that some are righteous and some are not.

In Al Omran Surah, Verse 75, Allah says: “Among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is he who, if entrusted with a Cantar (a great amount of wealth, etc.), will readily pay it back; and among them there is he who, if entrusted with a single silver coin, will not repay it unless you constantly stand demanding,”.

 There have been individuals and peoples who are sympathizing with our causes, yet contemporary delusive Islamists have always described them and their ethnic, sectarian or religious groups as infidels or crusaders putting them all in one boat. This happens although the prophecy attitude didn’t use such language at all. When early Muslims had difficult times in Makah, Prophet Muhammed advised them to abandon Arab territories saying that there was a king in Al Habasha who never allowed any oppression against any human being, Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to emigrate to Al Habashah. In modern times, we remember the guards of the Jewish city, Natori Karta and their honorable attitude towards Zionism.

If we really want to abandon exemptive culture to win others to our side or at least make them neutral, we need to keep away from the one-set culture. The human brotherhood circle can contain us all in one crucible. This human intimacy is blessed by God. Believing in the oneness of God and sympathizing with our cause constitutes a unifying circle that lie behind us. What happened to Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, who sympathized with Syrians, is an example of what damage was caused by the one-set culture.  Reconsidering our attitude becomes more urgent when it comes to our nationals including secularists, nationalists and their encounters from other social components whose patriotism, devotion and loyalty can never be denied. It is unfair to put them all in one boat and judge them all to be apostates or infidels and therefore our enemies.

Doctrinal Approach

Delusive Islamic speech has always been a concave doctrinal attitude that denies even those inside the Islamic Sunni community. This denial is due to jurisprudence differences or different doctrinal visions. Those delusive Islamists seem to have forgotten that the term “doctrine” refers to a jurisprudence viewpoint whose advocates never claim ultimate truth or irrefutable reality. They have gone further to a shameful segregate disconnection within their community. Until recently, People of Damascus used to say their prayers in 4 segregate groups and the Mihrabs of the four doctrines are still there in Umayyad Mosque.  

We are still having these terminologies of ideologists that never exist in our modern age, but advocates of this ideology brought these terminologies back to life. Consequently, militarized Islamic factions in Syria are using these out-of-date terminologies. In the Syrian case, we hear terminologies that died thousand years ago. Such slogans and terms have been activated to widen and deepen the Syrian wounds and cause ceaseless bloodshed. Terminologies like Hururiah[1], Murjea’a[2], Al Asha’erah [3] and Martediah [4] have been brought back to life. Thus, some Syrians accuse each other of being apostate, and therefore they took arms against each other and shed their blood. Those Syrians have lost confidence and respect of the community. Because of this doctrinal attitude, we consider Mua’tazelah [5](Isolationists) to be apostate just because they speculate and exaggerate in using their minds. Murjea’aare convicted for being tolerant with those who make mistakes in their lifetime. We also consider those who contemplate and speculate to be sinful and we search for a contemporary Ibn Rushed-inspired books to burn.   

Then we raise the flag of theocracy in order to accuse others of apostasy.

Instead of pushing us to serve genuine Islam, this doctrinal logic will divide us into sects with different doctrines fighting each other; each sect fights for its own doctrine. Hatred culture is not only limited to hating believers of other religions, but also to sub-divisions of believers of the same religion i.e. Islam. This antagonism with those having different doctrines or interpretations of the same doctrine has made delusive Islamists unable to keep up with modern trends.

This has been enhanced by scholars and preachers practicing their propaganda through satellite channels who deepen this retardation and backwardness. Such scholars relentlessly prevent any enlightenment trend through accusations and convictions against these trends. This attitude has so far caused thousand of problems and could not solve any of our social problems. On the contrary, they inject their sectarian poisons against others and provoke the controversial differences without the least effort to anticipate these difference-related problems. Those delusive Islamists always glorify the historical political conflicts instead of glorifying those bright innovations and contributions of the nation throughout history. They even consider those innovative scholars of the nation to be infidels or heretic or apostate. Khawarzmy, Ibn Al Haitham, Al Razi are good examples of that bright history. We have come to a point of coexistence with history and rejection of modernity. Modern technology stirs us and stimulate our perceptions, yet we use this technology to empower the conflict without any attempt to reconcile with others or at least cease the conflict. All these issues have created another problem for this trend of deviant Islamic approach that is embodied in the failure to keep up with modernity.

Failure to Keep-up with Modernity

Nations can only be established through mutual confidence among the social components of society despite their religious, ideological and doctrinal differences. Modern states are based on citizenship i.e. the full rights of individuals. We need to know that some scripts of history were said on certain occasions and therefore they can’t be brought back and put into effect in different time and place. Bringing these scripts back to life again humiliates human dignity that is honored by Allah who called for honoring human self regardless of its religion, race and color.

In Al Isra’a Surah, Verse 70, Allah says: “And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with definite preference.”

We do need to be aware that these scripts are fixed, whereas life circumstances are changeable and that putting the fixed against the changeable will lead to great social, economic and behavioral turbulences. Our only choice is to change the fixed or fix the changeable. As it is impossible to fix the changeable, we do need to reconsider and reproduce the fixed concepts to attain justice which the core and essence of the script itself and the underlying reason for its original existence. Therefore, any violation of any script for the sake of attaining justice is far better than enhancing injustice through abiding by the verbatim of the script. This violation is a highly human, religious and moral objective. This is a celestial value of morals that goes against the will of those who think that we have to stick to the script even if it goes against the human and moral value and the celestial guidance.

If compared with Western societies, our societies are suffering from scientific retardation and civilizational deficiency that make us light years behind civilizations of the World. There are reasons for this retardation including oppression of the free will that leads to innovation, and the allegiance to those scholars whose main concern is to fight modernism as if it is a devilish act of Satan. Because of this culture, we have been cautiously talking about the Western culture looking for spots of darkness and horribly aggravate these spots. We also avoid the focus on bright aspects that caused Western resurrection. This precaution of the delusive Islamic Culture has made us utterly reject all the humanitarian and political achievements of the Western civilization. The most important condition for keeping up with modernity is the true believe in democracy, liberty and citizenship.  However, the delusive Islamic discourse, based on hatred, is still describing democracy as an apostasy rather than a partnership, and using demagogy. Deviant Islamic discourse does so by a decontextualized reading of theocracy that envisions citizenship through outdated jurisprudence interpretations and terminologies like “People of the Scripture” to refer to Christians and Jews. This terminology is a diligence jurisprudence, not an Islamic instruction. Yet, these misconceptions still constitute an impediment in the way of citizenship requirements and the development of state.       

When freedom seekers raise their voice, delusive Islamic figure revolve and accuse freedom seekers of promoting moral dissolution. This inclination can be attributed to inherited sexual suppression that pushes them to this analysis. They disregard the fact that freedom is the liberty of thought, criticism and expression. Prophet Muhammed’s primary demand was to have the chance to freely get to people when he said: “Don’t put barriers between me and the community”.

There is no doubt that Western civilization has got its merits and demerits, but it is clear that merits are countless if compared with its demerits. Why do some focus only on demerits and disregard merits?

In Al Ma’eda Surah, Verse 8, Allah says: “And do not let hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness.”

As usual, when we fail to compete with others in development and civilization, we resort to our reminiscent discourse and talk about past glories of our ancestors. Those who over talk about history and are obsessed with stories of the old times give an idea of their present and future failure. This leads us to another reason for the crisis of deviant Islamic discourse.   

Superiority of Islamic Discourse

This discourse suffers from its firm believe that it has got the ultimate correctness in all its dissertations, and plays the role of custodian that is entrusted to guide the World, not by wisdom, but by oppression. Advocates of this trend base their argument on a speech attributed to Prophet Muhammed in which he is said to have said: “I have been ordered to go on fighting people until they declare the oneness of Allah”.  They behave as if humanity is still immature and maturity is limited to them and this entails that Allah made us the opponent to all humanity despite the fact that Allah defined himself in the Holly Quran as he is the God of humanity. We have perceived Allah as an exclusive God for us and that he abandoned all other human beings. For us, Allah created all other human beings just to through them away in hell after we kill them all during our life time. Then we had another dispute on Allah among ourselves and we believed in “The safe faction” and thereby started to slaughter each other. A study published by New York Times showed that 70% of the victims of attacks of Salafi Jihadists are Muslims. This study stated that Arabs are now fighting each other and destroying their countries by their own hands, and therefore Israel is not responsible for what Muslims are doing to themselves. Israel has the right to feel relaxed and rest assured as Arabs have undertaken to destroy their homelands. The clear superiority discourse in platforms’ speeches and Islamic education courses are targeting others. All these have constituted a repulsive reaction towards us and destroyed all communication bridges and partnership with others.

Conspiracy Theory

Contemporary delusive Islamic discourse strongly believes that the whole World conspires against us. This is the result of the above-mentioned crude holistic culture. Conspiracy theory has become an integral part of our discourse which encourages destructive culture with younger generations. Our parlance with others is an accusative one. We accuse Western civilization of materialism and we disregard its scientific innovations. We also accuse those living with us with treason and distrust secularists and nationalists although most of them share us the same cause and conflict with the dictatorship.  If any scholar works out his mind and offers a modern vision of religion, he will be attacked and accused of treason and being a client of some entity or state. Moreover, he will be accused of apostasy as an introduction to the legalization of shedding his blood. With this defeatist logic, advocates of this trend escape the competition with others through science, logic and dialogue because of their inability.


The delusive Islamic discourse that rejects the others and calls for fighting to death against them even to Muslims that are different has trapped us in the problem we are facing nowadays. The internal conflict has caused the destruction of our countries and the death of our young men under different pretexts. Such trends have got willing satellite channels that welcome and provoke this conflict. This means that the death toll will continue and that retardation and degeneration will never stop. Therefore, we either go for a profound revision of many of our concepts and cultures, or our share will be only defeat and backwardness. Our society will remain internationally ousted and at the bottom of the civilization scale. We will remain like parasites living on Western civilization which we describe as infidel and immoral, and when we have a crisis, we wind up to emigrate to Western countries and ask for asylum and residency looking for security and safety.

The required revision should be serious and done by all of us despite our ideological, secular and national differences. Islamic discourse should move from the one-set culture, conspiracy theory and narrow doctrinal disputes to the vast realms of humanity. We do need to abandon the culture of grave torture, depression and stress just like in horror films and turn to love culture and enjoyment of life. We should remind those who abandon the joys of life with the words of Prophet Muhammed when he said: “I have always loved perfume, women and prayer is my passion”.   

[1]–  Al-Hurriya Another designation for the renegades of the renegades for religion and the obedience of the Imam of the Faithful Ali bin Abi Talib   was attributed to Huraira, a village near Kufa. The reason for their descent into Huraira is that they came out on Ali Ben Abi Taleb returning from two rows and on his way To Kufa, they first met in this village and they were six thousand, and when they saw them, Abdullah bin Abbas returned from them two thousand and went out the rest.

[2] – A group of Muslims who say that anyone who believes in the unity of God can’t be judged by infidelity, because the judgment is to be entrusted to Allah alone, whatever the sins that are committed. They are based on their belief that Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Those who are guided by Allah’s command will either torture them or repent to them. Allah is the Knower of the Wise.” The separation in his command to God alone, so they say: do not harm with faith disobedience, as does not benefit with kufr obedience. 

[3] – The people of the Sunnah and the Jama’a are those who follow the approach of the Prophet and his companions and those who follow them with charity in saying, believing and working. They have no name or drawing except the Sunnis and the Jama’a, and their faith is in Allah and his angels and his books and messengers, or the Prophet confirmed him, and denied what Allah denied himself or denied his messenger, and that the faith is a statement and action and belief increases and decreases, and they do not disbelieve the people of the Qibla with the sin and sins as the Kharijites do. Allah peace be upon him What God described in the verse: (and those who came after them say: Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in faith and do not make our hearts to those who believe in God you merciful) [Hashr: 10]. 
It is the origins of the Sunnis follow the effects of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him hidden and visible, and follow the path of the first two immigrants and supporters.  

[4] – Al-Matridiya is a linguistic group attributed to Abu Mansur al-Matridi, who died in 333, and they have origins in which they disagreed with the Sunnis and the community, and their differences with the Ashayra are limited to minor issues, some of which led to thirteen issues.

[5]– The Mu’tazilah was an Islamic sect that arose in the late Umayyad period and flourished in the Abbasid period. It relied on the abstract mind to understand the Islamic doctrine to be influenced by some imported philosophies, which led to their deviation from the doctrine of the Sunnis and the community. It has been called by different names: Mu’tazili and Qadriya, and justice and the people of justice and unification and the economy and the guidance.

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