Coronavirus of Hezbollah

A glimmer of hope for Lebanon is still seen before it drowns completely, and this glimmer of hope depends only on Hezbollah if it says Lebanon first.

Lebanon first.

If Hezbollah says so, apart from the U.S., the Gulf countries, as well the EU countries should listen. They all could form a rescue group for Lebanon, as they don’t wish Lebanon to be drowned.

If Lebanon restored its position of positive neutrality, this means restoring the era of the St. Georges Hotel, where it used to host the CIA, KGB, Syrian opposition, and Syrian governments at the same time.

Otherwise, Lebanon will drown, and we can’t imagine that the U.S. or the Gulf will ever give a helping hand for Lebanon as long as Lebanon is under the guardianship of the Islamic Jurist.

Facts indicate that Hezbollah is not willing to change its stance or revise its policies, as Hassan Nasrullah is still pointing his forefinger at the Lebanese, having no other choices but to pay off loans by selling assets and mortgaging to the World Bank according to what is known as public debt structuring, which means stealing the bread of the Lebanese and lifting all kinds of government support to everything, starting from flour ending with cars’ fuel.

Lebanon is a country ruled by thieves;

  • Public money thieves protected by sectarian sharing.
  • Other thieves who control the arms, thus they control the political formula, which makes it a non-changing formula, and the cover is:

Opposing Israel.

Opposing Israel to create new wars in a country that is already impoverished and torn, which makes this country under the pressure of “whenever you build you destroy.”

Every sane person knows the disastrous consequences of the July war and a series of wars that destroyed Lebanon but didn’t liberate Jerusalem.

Lebanon is becoming an Iranian colony under the motto of “Liberating Palestine,” and this is happening, as political compromises loom in the region, as war brings definite destruction, while peace may bring construction and prosperity.

By reviewing the situation in Israel, we see that many active Israeli streams are very serious in seeking peace, as Israel suffered what Arab had suffered from the wars, although militarily, Israel was always a winner.

Lebanon is not expected to make a unilateral peace with Israel, but it’s expected to manage the possibilities of drowning completely, especially that it is about to experience an economic prosperity after discovering natural oil in it, which will not only help in avoiding economic disasters, but also will bring economic affluence by all accounts. This may happen, if the national development reigned, the fortunes distributed fairly, and a national economic built, which can end the usurious economy and make a productive one. All that, can by no mean happen, as long as Lebanon is ruled by arms; consequently, all that is directly attributed to Hezbollah, holding Lebanon from the neck and later will have no other choice but to drive Lebanon to a civil war if it does not appeal reason and political realism, and if does not say:

Lebanon first, not Iran.

Hezbollah curse.. It seems that Hezbollah is spreading its curses all over Lebanon. And here is Lebanon, standing on at a crossroad, where it will either drown and never be saved again, or will survive through political solutions that would return it to the circle to the international community and prevent it from being choked by enemies.

Lebanon’s friends, whether from the EU, the Gulf States or even the U.S., understand the Lebanese problem and realize that two thirds of Lebanese refuse Hezbollah. As for the remaining one third, half of it accepts it forcibly, and the remaining half returns as dead from useless wars which has no benefit for Lebanon. So, of this third, accepting Hezbollah, no one will remain without the pressure of weapons.

This is the curse of Hezbollah.

Even Coronavirus was transferred to Lebanon through Hezbollah allies.

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