Davutoglu Accuses Erdogan Of Turning Turkey Into Authoritarian State

Turkish Former-Prime Minister and head of the opposition Future Ahmet Davutoglu renewed his attack on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, considering that the decisions he made in the wake of the failed coup in 2016 had pushed the country into further tyranny.

“Erdogan’s current approach distances Turkey from the European model of democracy and governance,” Davutoglu said according to Greek media.

On the exploratory talks with Greece, head of the Future Party said, “We cannot expect to reach a solution, the problems in the Aegean will continue, and the talks must continue.”

it is noteworthy that Davutoglu has attacked the Turkish president and his government a few days ago, saying he is responsible for the environment of prohibitions and the climate of fear in Turkey.

“They spread fear and then talk about the human rights action plan. I already shared with the public what the human rights action plan should look like,” Davutoglu said at the time.

He also accused Erdogan’s plan of being a movement by the government to change the daily news.

“The government must be clear in determining the civil constitution that is being debated,” Davutoglu said.

“We are fundamentally opposed to the September 12 (current constitution), however, if you say you don’t recognize the current constitution, they must first determine what elements of the civil constitution are, and it is useful not to distract people from other agendas,” he added.

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