Demands for Confiscating Ennahda Funds and resignation of Ghannouchi

Mongi Rahoui, the head of the opposition Democratic Patriots’ Unified Party in Tunisia, has demanded to confiscate the property of Ennahda movement as reaction to their demand for huge financial compensation from the state regarding the file of financial compensation for the victims of the Bourguiba and Ben Ali regimes. On the other hand, the opposition Free Destourian Party, has called for activating a petition to withdraw confidence from Rached Ghannouchi, Parliament Speaker. The Free Destourian Party considers that Ghannouchi staying at the head of this constitutional institution will once again devote the imposition of laws and agreements by force and the policy of double standards among parliamentarians.

Abir Moussi, the head of this parliamentary bloc, has suggested drawing up a list of no-confidence against Parliament Speaker regardless of the number that guarantees Ghannouchi’s ouster (109 votes out of a total of 217). She has noted that the popular pressure and the fact that the parliamentarians are going to a public vote would both resolve the fate of Parliament Speaker.

Opposition political leaders accuse Ennahda members and some influential parties of obtaining illegal funds, especially during the election campaigns that took place after the 2011 revolution. A local newspaper has accused Rached Ghannouchi, Speaker of Parliament and Head of Ennahda Movement, of being outrageously rich and said that he owns Wealth abroad, including 3 companies in France, but the movement’s leaders have denied all of these accusations.

It is noteworthy that Zoubair Chahoudi, the former leader of Ennahda and head of Ghannouchi’s office, has made accusations against Ghannouchi’s family. Cahoudi has demanded Gannouchi, in a letter, to resign and stay away from political work.

For his part, Abderrazak Kilani, head of the General Authority for Resistance, Martyrs and Wounded of the Revolution and Terrorist Operations, has refuted the circulated figures about paying 3 billion Tunisian dinars (about $1.1 billion) as a compensation to the victims of tyranny in Tunisia.

“What is getting promoted is just a lie and a slander, this amount of monet is only estimated and the validity of this estimation cannot be certain given that the compensation amounts are included in the reparation’s decisions directed to the benefit of 29,950 Tunisian victims of tyranny during the rule of former Presidents Habib Bourguiba and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. These compensations have been calculated considering the degree of damage fallen upon the victims,” Kilani says.

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