Details of Attempted Coup in France

The French newspaper “Le Parisien” has revealed an attempted coup led by Rémy Daillet, who is known in far-right milieus and included former police, gendarmerie and army officers. The newspaper has explained that Daillet formed a gang that intended to carry out violent attacks targeting many facilities, such as vaccination centers and poles of the fifth generation networks for mobile phones.

The newspaper has added, quoting sources familiar with the investigations that the gang planned to use police shields and explosives to seize the Elysee Palace and other government buildings. It has indicated that the number of people arrested in this case is 14, all of whom belong to the extreme right.

Le Parisien has revealed an attempt to overthrow the government and President Emmanuel Macron, in an operation known symbolically as “Azure,” adding in a report that “Rémy Daillet, the former deputy of the Democratic Movement Party, was planning a coup against the Elysee with the help of a wide network of police, gendarmerie and army officers, Among them are those who are still in service.”

It is noteworthy that Daillet, 54, is known as a far-right figure known for launching conspiracy theories, and he was previously expelled from the centrist Democratic Movement Party.

Le Parisien has noted that Daillet’s scheme “was ambitious and foolish, and is represented in controlling the Elysee and establishing a new authority from the people.”

“The secret plan was the last operation, to mobilize as many protesters as possible and then overthrow the government and state structures,” the newspaper quotes one of Daillet’s close men from his detention.

“During the investigations, the officers of the Investigation Department discovered that Daillet had formed a (terrorist group) with a wide network of branches throughout the country,” Le Parisien points out.

The network consists of many active and retired police, gendarmerie and army officers, some of whom are abroad, and among them is a retired lieutenant colonel named Christoph M (63 years), holder of the French Order of Merit, works as Secretary of the movement’s military wing. Investigators have identified at least 36 lieutenant, each responsible for their region.

On October 19, Daillet – who has been imprisoned for months on charges of planning the kidnapping of a girl – was placed in pretrial detention on suspicion of “planning coup operations and other acts of violence.”

In this context, the French judicial authorities have indicted 12 people in connection with the coup conspiracy, but a number of other investigations conducted by the authorities also indicate the connection of Daillet to other movements, including the “neo-Nazis” who were planning an attack on a Masonic lodge in the Alsace region, northeast France.

In turn, the French BFM network has reported that former soldiers had ordered the training of recruits to complete the plan to attack the Elysee Palace, the official residence of President Macron. BFM has clarified that the attackers planned to occupy Parliament later before taking control of a radio or television station through which they broadcast their propaganda, in the context of implementing their coup plan against the government.

It is noteworthy that Daillet was accused of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl at her mother’s request in eastern France last April, but she was found unharmed with her mother in Switzerland 5 days after she was taken from her grandmother’s house.

While the French authorities then issued an international arrest warrant against him during his and his family’s stay in Malaysia on the background of “the Azure operation and accusing him of conspiracy and terrorism,” and accordingly the Malaysian authorities deported him on the pretext that his visa had expired, according to media reports.

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