Ennahda Faces New Accusations.. Claims Ghannouchi’s Dismissal Again

Tunisian judicial sources revealed that the investigating judge overseeing the investigation into the case of political assassinations in Tunisia in 2013 was threatened.

The sources pointed out that the threats came directly from the former prosecutor, Bashir Akrami, who is close to Ennahda.

The defense for political opponents Shukri Belaid and Mohamed Al-Brahmi, who were assassinated in 2013 also stated that Al-Akrami threatened the judge, when the case began to link the secret service led by Rashid Ghannouchi with these assassinations.

Simultaneously, the head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Musa, launched an attack on the Ennahda Movement and its leader, Rashid Ghannouchi.

Musa noted that she opposes the nomination of one of the representatives of the Ennahda movement to take over the presidency of the parliament. She stressed on withdrawing confidence from the Speaker of the Parliament, Rashid Ghannouchi.

In the same context, Musa pointed out that her party’s battle is against Ghannouchi and his group, calling on the signatories to the list of withdrawal of confidence from the Speaker of Parliament, to be committed in front of public opinion and not to vote for any deputy from Ennahda, because Ghannouchi poses a threat to national security as a leader from the front row of the Muslim Brotherhood. “This is considered a stage of an ongoing battle against political Islam in the country,” she said.

It is noteworthy that, last summer, Ghannouchi faced calls for dismissal, with the approval of 96 deputies, after the deputies of the Heart of Tunisia bloc, an Ennahda ally, abstained from voting.

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