Justice and Development Party (AKP), under Erdogan’s leadership today, only changes masks and discourses, in terms of its policy’s staleness towards Arab countries. This time it is certainly interested as a party and behind it the Turkish government, or vice versa, in Syria from many angles, all serve the Turkish strategy: Ottoman politics and this is normal according to the same power logic. The logic of justice, democracy and other concepts are only to invest inside and outside Turkey. This necessitates that we study the Turkish expansion today inside Syria, through the relationship between the Islamic ideology held by the MB (the neo-Ottomans) and the Turanian military after Erdogan recently managed to de-secular it and re-contain it by re-engineering it in line with Erdogan’s own vision.

This paper discusses the Turkish strategy towards Syria, through the following aspects

  • Othmanism in the AKP’s politics
  • Turkish investment in others’ mistakes!
  • Suleiman Shah’s tomb is the Turkish Juha’s nail in Syria
  • Operation Shah Euphrates
  • Erdogan’s recent threats of war on Syria
  • Conclusion

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