Religious Extremism and Political Islam in Historical and Political Context- A Brutal Violation of Religion

By: MENA Monitor enlightenment unit Introduction Many people ask how one can become part of a group, which is ready to die for the sake of their ideas based on their strong belief that they are the represent of an Islamic idea, expected to prevail on earth. Is it possible […]

Extremism of Deviant Islamists between Relative Religious Scripts and Static Vision

By Osama Aghi Linguistically speaking, the word “extremism” refers to an extreme. When we say that someone is an extremist, it means that he is far away from norms and that he has abandoned the limits of thought and got to a point of absurdness which is very dangerous for […]

Mercenary Groups in Syria: Formation Mechanisms and Operation Motifs

By: Rasheed Hawrany The importance of this study stems from the fact that it sheds light on the utilization of mercenaries in the form of organized militias. This phenomenon is typical of armed conflicts in general and particularly in Syria where these groups were formed upon formal approval of the […]

Will Caliphate Emerge Again in Libya?

Study Introduction: Reveals Adequate Changes that make way for Islamic State in Libya to Emerge Problem of the Study: After the decline of Islamic State in Libya ISL, its activities have nearly vanished. Hypothesis of defeat and inability to re-establish itself after it was targeted by many military operations is […]

Political Violence of Deviant Islamists

By: Ahmad Al Remh Political Violence is a tactful term to refer to the conflict over power, either to stay in power or to come to power. Such conflict is as old as human societies. At the time Europe disposed this behavioral deformity following a war that killed millions of […]

Iran’s Influence in Bosnia, a Dagger in the Flank of Europe

By: Muhammed Khatab “We went to Bosnia to stay there”, Ameer Farshad Ibraheemy, a defected officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said to BBC Persia in June 2019, when he was talking about Iran’s strategy for the war in Balkan during the 1990s. Iranians thought that the war […]

The Future of Terrorist Activities of Daesh in Sinai Peninsula

Section of Studies at Monitory of Middle East and North Africa MENA Dilemma of this study and its assumptions Due to the sensitive geographical position of Sinai Peninsula and its proximity to the border with Israel, Egypt has been confronted with important obligations in the face of Daesh in Sinai […]

Political Islam in Libya

By: Abdel Moneim El-Shoumani, a researcher and a writer from Libya. In this research, the author highlights the role of different political Islam streams at the end of Gaddafi times to the Libyan revolution context, and to this day. This is through the following research areas: Political Islam prior to […]

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