Freedom Phobia from an Islamic perspective

As a result of our defeat in the battle for a position on the civilization scale and the scientific retardation that was left for us by many powers that successively ruled us by illegitimate dictatorships, many concepts have been imported to our society by those who studied abroad and got introduced to knowledge and experience of advanced countries. These new imported concepts proposed solutions to our chronic problems

Key questions have to be answered:

Why do religious institutions and religious figure fear freedom? Why do they frighten us by freedom?  What is their goal?

They frighten us by freedom when they depict it as no more than moral dissolution, sexual pornography and abandoning the moral system of the society which is ultimately incorrect. Freedom is responsibility, and intellectually speaking, it is the right to objectively criticize without insulting the symbols and sacred ideologies of others.

Under this pretext, fear of freedom, voices got louder to prevent any ideas, or creative contributions of those who don’t share us the same ideologies and approaches to solving our problems. We have always blessed every decision made by tyranny in collaboration with the religious elect to rebuff these creative contributions. They justified their impediment by their concern about the identity of the society. This deceptive argument looks like an honest one, but in fact it is a bare falsehood. 

This repulsive behavior has nothing to do with Islam. It is a pure McCarthyism that is justified by ill-founded attention to Islam. They claim to bee keen on preserving the puritan literacy of the religious script. They fear any potential interpretation of the script and this is utterly refused by the Holly Quran which never deters freedom. On the contrary, Islam encourages freedom and urges all human beings to propose their ideas without any fear. The Holly Quran asks everyone to present a scientific evidence and analytical proof. 

In Al Bakara Surah, verse 111, Allah says: “Say: “produce your proof if you are truthful”.

Islam calls for free discussion of all ideas. What is true remains and what is false will perish. The public is the referee. Allah emphasizes this in Al Ra’aed Surah, Verse 17: “As for the foam, it vanishes being cast off; but as for that which benefits the people, it remains on the earth”.

Her we notice that Allah didn’t address Muslims; He addressed “the people” because Islam looks for universal benefit, not a narrow one limited to some people, and it doesn’t exempt other peoples.

We should have fortified society with science and mind by injections of cultural antibiotics that can strengthen its immunity against any      oblique thoughts instead of imposing guardianship in a Pharaoh-like manner. In other words, I show you only what I see. We should admit that all those who fear freedom are doing so because they are afraid of their deficient knowledge. Those who reject freedom are always afraid of the revelation of their ignorance and their cultural nakedness. They are defeated once they are confronted with truth and intellect. Islam never fears truth and freedom because Islam was the first to call for truth and disseminate it to the World, and it doesn’t have defects to fear.

The Holy Quran refers to this issue when deniers proposed their ideas and Islam peacefully replies in Saba’a Surah, Verse 24 and 25: “we or you are either upon guidance or in clear error. Say, “You will not be asked about what we committed, and we will not be asked about what you do.”

Freedom was the demand of Prophet Muhammad. When superior persons of Quraish rejected his message, he didn’t compel them, nor did he show any exemptive attitude. He just asked them for freedom and he challenged them with freedom of people to judge what he said. He proclaimed: “Let me get to the people” i.e. give me a chance to propose my ideas to the people.

The abduction of people’s ideas is a violation of freedom of expression that was granted to everybody by Islam. An argument can only be replied with another argument, proof versus proof. People mustn’t be deprived from their right to self-expression. We practice dictatorship that destroys all that we used to call for when we were under their dictatorship.

As for those who oppose freedom, they are afraid that their knowledge might be insufficient and would be uncovered in front of logic, creativity and others’ opinions. Our society is no longer premature that you talk on its behalf. Our society is no longer deaf and is able to express itself. If you want innovations, development, prosperity and civilization, just let society feel free and the society will be able to know how to rationalize this freedom to wake up again and break the chains of imitation and retardation. Only then, the society will bloom up again from under the ashes.

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