Hamas Forms Spying Instrument in Istanbul, Targeting Israel and Arab Countries

For many years, Hamas has been receiving money and support through suspicious relations and transboundary funds under pretext of supporting the Palestinian cause. Although the movement has long time ago presented itself as a “resistance faction”, its real goals has been revealed now. Its leaders were collecting fortunes at the expense of the Palestinians’ suffering, at the same time they were serving the Turkish agenda. Despite the fact that there has been normalization between Ankara and Tel Aviv, Hamas still maintains good relations with the Turkish regime, which reveals the real intentions of the movement, according to observers.

Hamas has always been accused by western countries of being involved in terrorist operations and launching attacks not only against Israel, but also against foreigners.

EU intelligence sources reported that Hamas is using a secret base in Turkey, to conduct electronic attacks and intelligence operations against its enemies in the Arab world, which convinced those countries to refuse and connect with Hamas.

According to a report published by the Times newspaper, the opponents that Hamas targeted are the Palestinian Authority and the embassies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in Europe. Hamas also spied on some of its members whose loyalty has been doubted.

The apparatus was established two years ago in Istanbul, and uses dual-use equipment, through which it can manufacture weapons for military purposes.

The head of this instrument is the Hamas leader, Sameh Al-Sarraj, who is directly connected with Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, while the organization itself works under the supervision of Qassam Brigades.

Hamas, whose head of political Politoffice is Khaled Mashaal who is located in Turkey, has denied its involvement in creating secret bases without informing the Turkish government. The movement refused to comment on western reports that accused Hamas of having a spying unit in Turkey that targets the Palestinian authority and the embassies of KSA and UAE.

“The viral news about forming a spy unit belonging to Hamas in Turkey is not true. Hamas works inside Palestine only, and it has no interest in working in the Arab countries, or forming such unit. Hamas needs continuous relations with the Arab countries, and such news cause differences and lead to the movement’s isolation,” a high-rank military source in the movement said to MENA Centre.

In this context, Saleh Shaheen, a specialist in Islamic groups, affirmed that Hamas maintains strong relations with the Arab countries, especially Qatar and Turkey, and receives continuous generous support from those two countries, apart from embracing media institutions linked to it. It is difficult for Hamas to do such thing without the knowledge of the Turkish authorities, because this harms bilateral relations and may push Turkey to expel Hamas leaders, fearing for its interests.

“Hamas is expanding its activities continuously, and many of its members in Arab countries were targets for assassinations. The most recent assassination was the one of the engineer Fadi Al-Batsh in Malaysia by the Israeli Mossad. He was accused of supplying Hamas’s armed wing with techniques for manufacturing of missiles, he also lead a charitable association that finances Hamas,” Shaheen added to MENA Centre. “Before al-Batsh, the aeronautical engineer, Muhammad Al-Zawari, was assassinated in Tunisia, and Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, who was assassinated in the UAE on charges of financing Hamas. All these and other events put Hamas in trouble if they recruit members in Arab countries, since they will be found by the Mossad,” he pointed out.

In this context, the political analyst Jassim Al-Ghamdi, from Saudi-Arabia said that he never excludes what was published in the media about Hamas’s involvement in the spy system; because Saudi’s recent policy against Hamas had unspoken reasons. He indicated that Turkey’s involvement and hosting of this unit with or without being aware is one of Erdogan’s policies and approaches to strike the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and change its role and position in the region.

Al-Ghamdi clarified that the arrest of Hamas leader Muhammad al-Khodari and his son Hani by the authorities in Saudi-Arabia could be related to the secret cell, adding that al-Khudari had lived peacefully for decades in the kingdom, and was a contemporary of more than one king and crown prince, and no one harassed him. He was leading the Hamas office in Saudi-Arabia under permission of Saudi authorities, but suddenly he was arrested, which indicates that he may have been involved in the case.

“Hamas has abandoned the main goal of liberating Palestine and adopted other principles related to hitting Arab security, and this has been evident in many situations. Therefore, Hamas has to apologize to the people and governments of Arab countries whose security was affected by its policies. Qatar and Turkey also has to apologize for hosting the leaders and offices of Hamas in order to hit large countries in the region, such as the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt,” Ghamdi added.

A source close to the Turkish security services expressed resentment due to the reports published during the last period about Hamas’ secret system that conducts espionage and cyber operations inside Turkey.

The source emphasized that the Turkish security services and the officials in Turkey support the Palestinians and their interests as well as support them financially and in other areas.

Revealing this instruments sheds light on Turkey and confuses it internationally, as it is revealed that the unit is operating from Turkey to spy on the countries and start cyber-attacks against them.

Hamas has frequently committed violations in Turkey, however, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had not interfered, but recently, Hamas violations have increased and there might be deterring measures against Hamas leaders.

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