Hamas Meets with Iranian Militia Leaders in Iraq

Akram al-Kaabi the Secretary-General of Hezbollah al-Nujaba Movement in Iraq, who was accused of committing war crimes in Iraq, has announced that the hands of what he called the Iraqi “resistance” has reached deep into the occupied Palestinian territories. al-Kaabi also has expressed willingness to cooperate with the Palestinian “resistance”.

Al-Kaabi has met with Ismail Haniyeh the Secretary-General of the “Hamas” Movement, and Ziyad al-Nakhalah the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Iraq.

“The Iraqi people always stand by the oppressed Palestinian people and support their efforts to get rid of the brutal occupying Zionist entity, I personally have the desire to fight the enemies on the holy land of Palestine,” Al-Kaabi says according to Russia Today.

“Armed resistance is the only way to liberate Holy Jerusalem and all of the Palestinian lands, we believe that the resistance is close to the hour of liberation,” Al-Kaabi adds.

He also has stressed the need to continue to develop the axis of resistance and show the unity of goal. In addition, that the war with Israel is not limited to a people whose land was plundered in the eastern Mediterranean, but the Zionists will be surprised with the jihadists of multiple nationalities who believe in the heavenly borders.

The Secretary-General of the “Nujaba” movement has expressed his movement’s readiness for any military security cooperation with the “Palestinian brothers.”

 “Al-Nujaba monitors all the unofficial movements of the Zionists in Iraq. We also promise that the resistance can stand militarily with the Palestinian people in any confrontation and reach deep in the occupied territories,” Al Kaabi says.

Al-Kaabi, accused of assassinating Iraqi activists, has indicated that the withdrawal of the American occupiers from Iraq will have the first effect on the Palestinian equation, and that Zionism is the illegitimate child of the West.

“Zionism carries out its aggressions relying on the support of the United States, so the humiliation that America is exposed to, which is heading towards demise, will serve the cause of liberating the holy land of Palestine,” Al Kaabi adds.

“The Iraqi resistance has faced foreign occupiers since the struggle against the Saddamist Ba’athist regime, and thus it has achieved a comprehensive strategy to confront the US, Britain and the Zionist entity,” Al-Kaabi concluded his statement.

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