Houthi Mine Depot Seized in Taiz

Yemeni military sources revealed that the Yemeni army seized a depot of mines that was run by the Houthi militia, west of Taiz, indicating that the warehouse contained mines of various sizes, and and some of them took the form of large stones.

The sources’ statements coincide with the Yemeni army’s announcement of its control over several areas of the city of Taiz, including al-Ghalil, al-Saheha and Naqel al-Adhauh, after battles with Houthi militias, which is supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The Yemeni army also indicated that its forces were able to control the entire western side of Taiz, pointing out that the militias had planted large quantities of landmines in the areas that the army entered.

In addition, the Yemeni army explained that its advance in the west helped partially lift the siege imposed by the militias on the city of Taiz, for the sixth year in a row, and that it is a prelude to the entry of its forces into the area of al-Barh and the opening of the main road (Taiz-Al-Mekha).

At the same time, it announced that a number of civilians were killed in Marib city after the Houthis targeted residential communities with a ballistic missile. At a time, when the battles between the Yemeni National Army and the Popular Resistance on the one hand, and Houthi militias on the other, on 3 axes of the city continued.

For his part, Sultan Al-Arada the governor of Marib, stressed the importance of the role of coalition fighters in Yemen, in providing support to National Army forces during their confrontations with militias on the city fronts.

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