“I Have Warned them”… Former President of Ennahda Holds it Responsible for Events in Tunisia

Lotfi Zaitoun, the resigned leader of Ennahda movement, has launched an attack on the movement’s leadership during the political tension in Tunisia, acknowledging that the movement bears a large part of the responsibility for what happened in the country recently. It is noteworthy that the Ennahda movement has been in power in Tunisia for ten years by participating in successive governments, amid the mounting popular anger over the deteriorating living and economic conditions.

In the same context, Zaytoun has confirmed in press statements that he had warned the movement’s leadership months ago of the escalation of popular anger against the deteriorating conditions, but it did not show any reaction to these warnings, despite their seriousness.

The Tunisian President, Kais Saied, had refused to describe his exceptional decisions and actions as a coup. Saied had pointed out that it was an implementation of the constitution text and not a coup against legitimacy, in reference to his decision to freeze parliament and dismiss the government.

For its part, the Ennahda movement has attacked the Tunisian president, considered his decisions unconstitutional, demanded him to reverse them, and address the country’s challenges and difficulties within the constitutional and legal framework. The movement also has called on him to resume the parliament’s work as the original democratically elected authority, as it described it.

At the same time, Tunisia has witnessed several popular movements, including movements in support of the president’s decisions, while some movements reject his decisions and support the Ennahda position, which controls Parliament with a very small majority.

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