In front of British House of Lords.. Egypt’s Mufti: Joining MB is “Prohibited”

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Allam, has issued a new fatwa regarding the MB. The fatwa considers that joining the MB is “religiously Prohibited” because, according to Allam’s view, it is a terrorist organization that exploits religious slogans and distorts religious texts in order to reach its goals, let alone targets the innocent and works to sabotage countries for the benefit of its own agendas.

Allam has said in a meeting with the British House of Lords, through Zoom application, that Dar Al Ifta anticipated the danger of terrorism fatwas and took a package of measures to confront the propaganda mechanism of terrorist organizations, including “ISIS”. These measures included establishing an observatory to follow up on the takfiri and extremist fatwas, and to refute and respond to these fatwas through a sober scientific approach. Another measure as Allam views is the necessity of holding a specialized training center on ways to address and handle extremist fatwas.

According to Sky News, Allam has emphasized that the MB is neither an advocacy nor a scientific group, but rather a terrorist group that works to destabilize security and stability in all countries in which it is located. He has also pointed out that the MB message is terrorist and does not relate to Islam in any way, as Dar Al Iftaa has been studying this group by analyzing its various literature. Dar Al Ifta has demonstrated, as a result, beyond any doubt that the MB’s ideology is based on violence and terrorism.

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