Iran Brings in Iraqi Popular Mobilization Militias to Suppress Ahvaz Revolution

The Iranian authorities have recruited more than 1,500 pro-Iraqi militias members from the PMF to support Iran in suppressing the Ahvaz revolution, which has expanded to the capital, Tehran, and cities such as Isfahan and Karj, according to Sky News.

The PMF have participated in the fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad, in addition to other militias brought in by Iran from Pakistan and Afghanistan, such as the Fatimiyoun and Zainabiyoun brigades.

Protests in Ahvaz and large areas in southern Iran entered their eighth day, amid widespread arrests, firing live bullets and tear gas canisters.

Since July 15, thousands of Ahvaz people in Khuzestan, southern Iran, have protested against water shortages, widespread drought, and power outages, after the government built dams on 5 rivers passing through the Ahvaz to divert water into the Iranian interior, reducing the amount of water in the region

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