Iran’s Defense Minister: Plan To Destroy Haifa, Tel Aviv Awaiting Khamenei’ Signal

Amir Hatemi, Iranian Defense Minister said Sunday, that the plan to “destroy Haifa and Tel Aviv awaits a signal from Ali Khamenei the Supreme Leader of Iran, to implement it.”

He also promised to settle Haifa and Tel Aviv on the ground in case of any folly from Israel against Iran.

“Israel is threatening beyond its capabilities, and this is the result of its despair in which it lives,” he added.

Hatemi also noted that Tel Aviv “is not capable of making aggressive threats to Iran, and recommends that the Israelis not even make verbal threats, because they are unable to carry them out.”

Brigadier general Aziz Naseer Zadeh, the commander of the Iranian army’s air force, stressed the importance of the role of the air force in what he called “sacred defense.”

“The tasks of the Air Force during the sacred defense were varied greatly, as it was responsible for supporting surface forces and protecting oil platforms, southern islands and their facilities,” he said, according to the Iranian Mehr Agency.

“Air fighters during the sacred defense, in addition to defending sensitive and economic areas in our country, attacked the military and economic areas of the Ba’athist regime,” Zadeh added.

He also stressed that “the air force pilots are ready to defend the security of the country’s airspace.”

Aziz Naseer Zadeh, had said recently, that the weapon is capable of facing any threat against the country, stressing that “military power is one of the components of national strength.”

It is noteworthy that Iran’s militias in Syria are exposed almost weekly to Israeli strikes, which have killed dozens of militants, with neither Iran or its militias responding.

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