Is This a New Kind of War, Caused by Coronavirus?

The recent wars and conflicts are no more launched for energy or countries’ attempts to expand, at least in the current situation, where Covid-19 is invading the world, and governments are acting like the gangs that they were chasing before.

The most recent scenes of the international conflicts and turmoils caused by the novel virus are those acted by border and coast guards, as they confiscate shipments of materials protecting from Coronavirus, such as masks for medical crews, and sterilizers that kills the rapidly spreading virus.

This could be monitored between European countries as well as Arab ones.

On March 24, the Tunisian authorities announced that a ship loaded with medical alcohol was stolen while cruising on the sea; this is similar to what happened in the Czech Republic, when a shipment of medical masks and ventilators sent from China to Italy , a country suffering from a severe outbreak of the pandemic and where the number of casualties exceeded those recorded in China,  was stolen.

On Monday, Italian media reported that Czech authorities have recently seized a big shipment of 680 thousand medical masks sent by China to Italy. Czech authorities have denied the accusations claiming that the shipment was confiscated by speculators, wanting to sell the material with high prices.

Later on, photos and videos rebutted the official Czech claims, showing trucks belonging to the Czech police carrying boxes on which Chinese and Italian flags and writings were seen.

The Czech government announced paying special attention to the issue and that it will try to solve it with Italy and China.

The other side of this problem was obvious in most of the infected countries since the first few days of the virus outbreak, when reports of healthcare organization confirmed that national health systems are unable to face such a disastrous pandemic.

In Italy, it was announced that it suffers from a catastrophic shortage in ventilators necessary for treating critical cases of Covid-19, although Italy is an industrial country.

Experts say that refitting the factories to produce completely different products will take very long time and huge efforts, while shortage of medical equipment worsens every day.

The situation is not much different in other big countries such as the U.S. where the Health Secretary Alex Hazard announced that the U.S. needs 300 million N95 masks to protect the Americans from Coronavirus, whereas the available masks are ten times less.

Local authorities in New York said the city will have acute shortage in masks and ventilators within one week, where Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of NY City has warned of inability to save infected people, if the city won’t receive urgent medical aid represented in hundreds of ventilators and millions of masks.

US authorities are trying to find urgent solutions to the shortage of medical equipment necessary to combat this pandemic, by trying to refit car and truck factories to manufacture ventilators and other medical devices specializing in sterilizing alcohol and other currently needed medical devices.

If this is the case in major industrial countries that control different countries, how would it seem in countries already poor and war torn? WHO describes the situation as catastrophic and warns of dangerous consequences if the virus spreads in such countries.

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