ISIS Attacks Assad Regime with Iranian Missiles

The ISIS terrorist organization has used Iranian weapons in its recent attacks against the Assad regime forces in the Syrian desert, Syrian organizations reports.

Meanwhile, a website specialized in the field of weapons “Calibre Obscura”, confirmed that the missiles used by ISIS in its recent attacks in Syria and even in Iraq are Iranian-made, noting that the sizes and other indications that appeared in photos published by accounts close to ISIS, make it clear that the missiles are of Iranian origin.

Calibre Obscura pointed out that the dates of production seen clearly in the photos indicate that they are newly made, and not of the weapons captured by ISIS in Iraqi military bases in the summer of 2014, noting that the weapons were likely held by Iranian-backed Iraqi militias, deployed in separate areas of Syria.

Simultaneously, observers and experts say the most important is knowing the way, how Iranian weapons reached the extremist organization, despite statements of Iranian officials that confirm their country’s stand against the organization and its commitment fighting it, referring to the Iranian role in helping ISIS to control vast swathes in both Syria and Iraq.

Fierce clashes have recently taken place between the Assad regime forces and their loyal militias against ISIS in the Al-Sukhnah desert in the eastern countryside of Homs, where local sources reported that the clashes resulted in the death of 18 members of the regime forces and militiamen, and 11 members of ISIS.

During the past few months, ISIS has fortified in areas between Homs and Deir Ezzor, from which it carries out sudden operations and attacks against Assad’s forces along the Syrian desert, with a priority to capture arms and ammunition.

Local news networks, including al-Khabour network, reported that Russian military police have dispatched reinforcements to the contact lines with the Turkey-backed National Army near the northern countryside of al-Hassake.

Relatedly, the Russian military police conducted a patrol on April 13, in the northern countryside of Hasaka. Local sources pointed out that Russia has sent the reinforcements to establish new military post near the city of Tal Tamar in Hassaka.

This came following the arrival of a trucks convoy belonging to the international coalition, accompanied by military armored vehicles to one of the US military bases in the west of Hassaka.

It’s noteworthy that the ISIS organization in Iraq and Syria had suffered severe losses led to its defeat. However, the organization maintained some active cells in the two countries, limiting its control to the desert region, west of Deir Ezzor, which is no more than 2% of the total Syrian territory.

In late 2019, the Congressional Intelligence Defense Committee said that “ISIS has taken advantage of the Turkish incursion and US withdrawal from northern Syria to rebuild its capabilities and resources both inside Syria in the short term, and internationally in the longer term.”

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