“Islamic Relief”.. A Den in which Terrorism Birds Migrating to Europe Hide

The Islamic Relief Organization in Europe plays a hidden role in spreading violence and extremism within the old continent. It plays an apparent role in supporting and helping the needy, and a hidden role in supporting extremist organizations and implementing their agenda, in addition to fueling feelings of racism and hatred and promoting extremism. The organization has become a Trojan horse in which dark birds and advocates of sedition and terrorism infiltrate, led by the terrorist MB.

Asylum file

The relief organization interferes with the local authority in a number of European countries in the asylum file and immigration. In France, for example, the authorities refer groups of immigrants to the organization to be received without any preconditions. It is also allowed to organize demonstrations and exhibitions, to inform citizens of its activities and urge them to contribute to its funding.

Support for terrorism

Security reports have indicated that senior officials of the Islamic Relief around the world regularly post opinions on social networking sites showing their support for the Palestinian Hamas movement and the terrorist MB organization. This has prompted some banks to cut their relationship with the relief organization such as HSBC due to terrorism financing concerns, after the German branch of the organization with suspicious activities listed the Islamic Front Charitable Foundation IHH as an implementation partner for an aid project inside Syria, and the latter was involved in working and coordinating with Harakat al-Shabaab in Somalia, and as a result of that, IHH’s accounts were frozen, and it was also involved in smuggling weapons to the terrorist MB.

Britain was the organization’s first station, established in 1984, with the participation of a group of graduate students, by Hani al-Banna, and then had branches in many countries.

Financing in millions

The Islamic Relief Organization became the first specialized Islamic charity to receive British government funding for projects in the African continent in 1994. It is estimated that from its annual campaign in Ramadan in Britain alone, the Islamic Relief collects more than 10 million pounds a year. The Islamic Relief’s resources are estimated at 570 million pounds, including several donations, such as those of the UN, Britain and the EU, and it gets its funding from a combination of individual and business donations and from the government.

Brotherhood penetration

In a recent report, the Middle East Forum has warned of Islamic Relief’s relationship with the MB and its promotion of preachers who incite hatred against them, both moderate Muslims and non-Muslims.

Intelligence reports also have revealed close links between the Islamic Relief in Europe and the terrorist MB, in addition to its association with organizations related to the financing of terrorism and extremism, such as Qatar Charity. This prompted a number of European governments, led by Germany, to cut off their funding sources and stop funding the organization’s activities and to investigate Ibrahim al-Zayat, the organization’s director, for his close ties to the MB, sending funds to an Albanian charity called Taiba, which was designated a terrorist organization by the US government. Al-Zayat is also the main mind and mastermind of the MB’s activities in Germany, and he was sponsoring the annual meeting of the “Islamic Society Organization” and the “Muslim Youth Organization” meetings of the MB in Germany.

The German authorities have revealed that the Islamic Relief Organization in Germany is linked to the MB, and this information came in an official response to a parliamentary briefing request submitted by the opposition Free Democratic Party bloc. The response has stated that the aforementioned organization has important personal links with the terrorist group and organizations close to it.

European intelligence reports also have accused the relief organization and its branches in European capitals of financing and supporting extremist groups. The Islamic Relief organization was involved in financing training camps for Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and working and coordinating with the Harakat al-Shabaab.

In a study, the Civil Emergency Agency, which is close to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, has confirmed that the MB seeks to penetrate the Islamic presence, spread the group’s concepts and acquire new members, under the Umbrella of the Islamic Relief Organization.

The study has called for the need to freeze the support and funding of the organization, which is considered a Trojan horse from which the MB infiltrates into Europe, and uses the donations’ funds and grants to launch terrorist acts. The biggest proof of this is that one of the organization’s most prominent leaders is Hashmat Khalifa, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Relief Authority, who holds British citizenship, served as director of the Islamic Authority of Australia and director of its branches in Germany and South Africa, Ahmed al-Rawi, former president of the Union of Islamic Organizations in Europe and president of the Islamic Association of Britain, both of whom are part of the MB in Europe, Issam al-Haddad, co-founder of the Relief Authority, and was a senior MB official and leader, and Adnan Abdul Rahman Saif, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the Muath Trust, a Yemeni charity based in the UK with ties to the Terrorist MB.

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