Islamism in Europe

Here you can watch the documentary “The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe – Ideology, tendencies and feelings” (D: Michael Laubsch & Georges Oullier, A 2020). It shows a picture of the Islamist movement in Europe, its ideological development and the development of radicalization.

It is followed by a panel discussion about “Islamism in Europe”. The religiously motivated extremism threatens to divide the population. Keywords such as parallel societies, the rights of western values and the alleged infiltration of Europe shape the discourse. Guests in the studio are: Peter Florianschütz (member of the Vienna City Council & the Vienna State Parliament, SPÖ) | Amir Zaidan (Koran translator & Islamic theologian) | Hasnain Kazim (government correspondent for Spiegel in Istanbul, after that in Vienna, currently a freelance author). Moderation: Michael Laubsch.

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