Israeli Raids Target Sites in Al-Quneitra, Syria

An Iron Dome anti-missile system is seen near the border area between Israel and Syria, in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights November 18, 2020. REUTERS/Hamad Almakt

Syrian activists have confirmed that explosions were heard in several locations in Al Quneitra in southern Syria. They have detailed that these explosions were heard near one of the regime’s military sites in the area adjacent to the border with Israel.

For the time being, the official Syrian News Agency, affiliated with the Syrian regime, has acknowledged that military sites were subjected to missile attacks in Al Quneitra. The Agency has mentioned that the attack was carried out with three missiles launched by the Israeli army towards Qirs al-Nafl site and areas west of Hader town in the northern countryside of the city.

It is notable that the Israeli army and the Israeli air force have previously launched several raids on military sites in Al Quneitra in the past years. The Israeli army command have specified that the targeted sites include fighters belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and militias backed by the IRGC.

Concurrently, the Syrian Agency has quoted sources it described as “well-informed” that the attacks’ outcome was only limited to material damage, with no death or injury recorded.

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