Lavrov did not Say to Assad what Primakov Said to Saddam

Talking about the facts of the pre-US invasion in Iraq 2003, Yevgeny Primakov carried a message from Vladimir Putin to Saddam Hussein. He was determined to deliver it to him personally. After deliberations, and perhaps obstacles, he met Saddam Hussein personally, and here is the subject of the message.

Dear Saddam,

Step down from power to avoid a devastating war in Iraq.

Arrogantly, Saddam Hussain rejected Primakov’s request, patted on his shoulder and left the meeting. A few days later the US invaded Iraq.

The Iraqi forces suffered a humiliating collapse, and Iraq is still paying the bill of war, while not yet recovered, and millions of people have lost their lives for that war, apart from the destruction in the country.

Saddam’s arrogance was the only reason which led him to destroy himself and Iraq. The same arrogance today will lead Syria to the same end, although Lavrov has not convoyed a similar US message to Bashar al-Assad – he might have the same message, but not with the same seriousness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will not displace Assad easily, but the Syrian bazar might do.

The Syrian bazar might provide Russia with more influence and bases in Syria, in return for abandoning the Syrian regime, and Bashar al-Assad in particular, who is described as stubborn, and idiot who causes headache.

In Syria, the situation is unlike the one in Iraq, as the US troops are not ready for waging a war against Bashar al-Assad. Until this moment, the US media discourse has mentioned anything other than reforming the Syrian regime, and not changing it.

However, reforming such a regime definitely means changing it, as it cannot be reformed unless it is uprooted.

The Assad regime is aware that any political compromise in Syria means expelling the entire regime from the new structure, but Assad can by no means accept such an idea, since he believes that he will be president forever, and his supporters are always ready for war and will burn the entire country if their president will be ousted.

But the question is: Will the doors be opened for him to stay forever?

Today, bread will be controlling factor of the scene in Syria, where some Syrians are selling their body organs to secure bread for their families, while others advertised their sons for sale!!

There are no promises that things will be better, and no famine will hit the whole country in the following few days.

This will revive the Syrian Revolution erupted in 2011, with one difference; people have learnt from their own experience. Their experience has proved that the Islamic factions had killed the revolution alongside the brutality of the regime forces, which practices were not far different from the practices of the Islamic factions. They both have participated in the Syrian genocide, together with the Russian mercenaries and Iranian militias.

Amid that situation, the Russians will have to abandon the Syrian regime, and this has become obvious, since the Russians allowed Israeli warplanes to hit Iranian targets inside Syria.

Therefore, that moment is not too far to become true, the Russians will barter the regime with the people. They will work for the people at the expense of the regime, if their presence in the warm water will be guaranteed by US and Israel. This could happen at any moment.

The issue today is on the US-Russian list of understandings.

Dialogues and understandings, that will determine the fate of Syria.

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