Libya: We are Determined to Expel Turkey and all Foreign Forces Out of Country

Libya is determined to expel Turkey from the country, Najla Mangoush, the Libyan Foreign Minister said on Friday, noting that the government has started a dialogue with Ankara.

This came during a hearing with the Foreign Affairs Committee at the headquarters of the Italian House of Representatives, in the Monte Chittorio Palace in Rome.

“The Libyan Government of National Unity, led by Abdul Hamid Dabaiba the Prime Minister, has started a dialogue with Turkey, and has noticed Ankara’s readiness to start discussions and negotiations,” Mangoush added.

The Libyan minister, who arrived in Rome on Thursday as part of a European tour, stressed that her country is firm at the same time in its intentions, and asks all countries to be cooperating in order to remove foreign forces from Libyan lands.

“This is a priority for Libya, because our security depends on the withdrawal of foreign forces,” Mangoush confirmed.

It is noteworthy that Mangoush met her Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, who confirmed that the reopening of the coastal road and the exit of mercenaries from Libya is a priority for his country.

In turn, Lorenzo Guerini the Italian Defense Minister stressed that strengthening civil and military cooperation with Libya is a strategic priority for Italy, during his meeting with the Libyan Foreign Minister.

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