Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Threat on Egypt

In our previous papers we talked about turning Libya into a Muslim Brotherhood state and society. We said that will bring horrible consequences to the Libyan society, we also said that Libya will be the main base from which the MB will settle its scores with the others.

The first scores will be settled with the Egyptian regime, since it has broken the organization’s back in its home country and eradicate it from society, despite the presence of some sleeper cells. We all know that Egypt’s MBs are the ones who control the organization worldwide. Without them, the MB of each country will remain without leadership and directors. Although Erdogan supports the MB, they know that he exploits them for his new Ottoman project.

Therefore, the defeat of General Haftar and the victory of the Saraj government, turning the Libyan society into MB society, revive the dream of revenge from the Egyptian army that defeated the organization twice is in the focus. The first defeat was during the reign of Abdel Nasser and the second during Sisi’s reign. This means that their presence in Libya revives their hopes to revenge from the Egyptian military, and their base is Egypt’s neighbor: Libya.

That is the reason behind the media war waged against Egypt by Qatari and MB media networks, a war that has escalated after the latest victories against G. Haftar.

Despite the failed MB/Qatari attempts that preceded the recent battles in Libya through the contractor Mohamed Ali, who focused on the Egyptian military establishment and despite the YouTubers’ failed attempts to reproduce the Brotherhood’s thought, the Egyptian military establishment remained firm, contradicting the Brotherhood predictions that the Egyptian regime will fall soon.

Today, there is a new opportunity through Egypt! Through operations against the Egyptian government. These operations are attributed to two reasons:

First: Failure of the MB attempts to support jihadist cells in Sinai, as the Egyptian army eliminated them.

The second: Erdogan’s hiring of Syrian mercenaries and jihadists in Libya to support the Al-Sarraj government. The number of those mercenaries, according to observers, reached 15,000, led by an elite group of Erdogan’s Army, and provided with advanced weapons. That was a decisive factor in the recent military victories.

Hence, Egypt sensed the danger, although its political issue with Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam is at its height. But the Egyptian decision-maker is fully aware that the battle of Ethiopia has certain limits, and it is an issue that can be resolved through an international court. It is known that solving differences with states is much easier than dealing and negotiating with militias.

For that reason, Sisi has made a speech in front of the military establishment, a speech that has surprised observers. It was a war deterrence speech, through which he explained his fear of the MB’s danger coming from the West towards Egypt.

Sisi and his army are fully aware of the MB’s danger. The length of the Libyan-Egyptian borders is about 1,200 km, and the arrival of the Turkish-backed forces of Al-Sarraj supported by Syrian mercenaries and jihadists to Sirte and Al-Jafra means that the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood puts its hands above the Libyan oil, located in the north and south of these two cities. There, most of the Libyan oil exists, making Libya the tenth country among oil exporting states.

So, Sisi made his speech in front of the second and third Egyptian armies; and such a speech is called in the military science: a war inspection show! In other words, making sure the army is ready for a possible battle that is about to take place. Such a military situation is called political science (mental deterrence prior to the war). Sisi gave his speech to forces, located in the region of Sidi Barani, which is about 100 km away from the Libyan border.

So, the Egyptian regime took a pre-emptive step through mental deterrence, preventing the MB from reaching the oil fields. He made it clear that this region is a red line for Egyptian national security, although most observers believe that the Egyptian-Libyan clash will be inevitably coming; and it will have a negative impact on both Egyptian and Libyan people.

This is what we warned from in our previous papers, we said that turning the state and Libyan society into MB ones will have horrible consequences. It seems that the reactions of Al-Sarraj government to Sisi’s speech do not bode well, and that the Arabic / Islamic clash is inevitable and this is what we do not wish to happen. We rather hope, the international community will intervene to stop such a war. We hope that the MB will stop provoking the others. The MB organization should remember that it lost in all its battles for nearly a century until today…

To be continued…

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