Why did the AK Party Lose Municipal Elections? Causes and Consequences

Introduction The results of the recount of the election votes of the Grand Istanbul Municipality is not expected to change the reality because of the 27 thousand votes in favor of the opposition candidate. Despite the victory of the Justice and Development Party AK Party in more than half of […]

Kurds in Iran, from Battle of Damdam Castle to Mullah’s Regime, Eastern Kurdistan

Author: Bara’a Sabri Generally speaking, “Kurds” as the name refers to “stateless people” is a deeply originated statement in the imagination of public in the region. Kurds are ancient peoples in the region, and distributed mainly in four countries, namely, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. The Kurds, according to many […]

Why They are Burning Syrian Wheat, Syria’s Current and Future Food Security

By: Hafez Karkoot Food Security: Food security refers to people’s ability to get secure access to food without any obstacles whatsoever. It is the availability of enough and healthy food that contains nutritionally valuable substances so as to survive and be able to live in healthy manner. In a study […]

Afrin “From the Kurdish Protection Units” to “Olive Branch Operation”

By Hassan Al-Naifi This study monitors the demographic, social and geographical status of Afrin, and its role from the spark of the Syrian Revolution until “Olive Branch” military operation. This study sheds light on:   Afrin and the Syrian Revolution; The Russian military interference in Syria, and the role of “Syrian […]

Mass Graves left by ISIS in Rakkah and Deir Ezour

By: Follow-up and Monitoring Unit at MENA Although life is gradually getting normal in Al Rakkah, East of Syria, Mass Graves have become the biggest event for people’s everyday life. According to local resources, nearly every day, the local community discover a mass grave left by ISIS that contains remains […]

Idlib in the Eye of Storm

A report that describes the situation in Idlib Contents: Demographic Changes following liberation Social status during the Revolution Legal Status of women and the disappeared Human Rights in Idlib Military Situation and the war princes Demographic Changes: Late in 2016, deportation deals started in Al Kusair of Homs and some […]

Islamic Parties in Algeria, Flopping at a Blocked Horizon

As the presidential election in Algeria is approaching and due next spring, three questions are imposed about potential scenarios of the event. For example, what is the attitude of Islamists towards these elections? Whether they are going to boycott or participate? What are the opportunities for Islamists who are going […]

Isolate Al-Huthi area and prevent the state fragmentation

Mahmoud Ibrahim: Strategy Expert This paper presents (position estimation) specialized in the case of Yemen within the regional conflict context, and the role of Arab states in the chaos within the former republic and encircle the pocket Houthi financier and then isolate him. Al-Houthi movement is financed by the Iranian state […]

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