Mob Boss Exposes First- Class Officials in Turkey

The Turkish mob boss Sedat Beker has revealed a heavy scandal after publishing a video clip on social media, in which he revealed the involvement of a large number of Turkish politicians in illegal acts and violations.

Beker indicated that political figures are involved in these actions and they are very close to the ruling Justice and Development Party in the country. He pointed out that many illegal actions are hidden from Turkish citizens and they have not even heard about them.

It is noteworthy that the video, which was published by the mafia man on Sunday evening, is the fourth video posted on his Twitter account. In the videos, Beker mentioned that the Turkish authorities wanted him on several different charges.

In the latest video, Beker mentioned figures from the first row in government, including Suleyman Soylu the Minister of Interior and, Berat Albayrak, the former Minister of Finance as well as bodies and entities close to the government, including the Pelikan Group.

In addition, Beker accused Mehmet Ağar, the former Minister of the Interior of seizing the money of a Turkish businessman and the Marina Bodrum Tourist.

The Turkish authorities have been pursuing Beker for more than a year after several charges against him, including managing organized crime, drug trafficking and smuggling, in addition to targeting academic and civilian figures.

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