More Than 2,000 Israeli Officers Warn Biden against Returning to Iran Nuclear Deal

More than 2,000 former Israeli military and security officials have warned the administration of US President “Joe Biden” against returning to the Iran nuclear deal.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation said, “Former officers in the army and intelligence services have confirmed that the rush to negotiate with Iran exposes Israel and its allies to directly danger.”

Israeli’s Defense and Security Forum has drafted a message that it sent to the White House calling on the US administration to work on an agreement that takes into account the concerns of Israel and the Arab countries about Iranian dangers.

“We are concerned that the Biden administration and a few European countries are promoting a return to the Iran deal, while ignoring the concerns of countries close to Iran that are most at risk from Tehran and are most familiar with it,” Israeli’s Defense and Security says in the message.

The Israeli message pointed out that preventing Iran from acquiring the ability to build achievable nuclear weapons and confront the malign activities of the Iranian regime is essential to preventing the catastrophe.

Former Israeli officials also have defined several principles that they believe that the US administration and European powers should abide by while conducting negotiations aimed at concluding a new nuclear agreement. “There should be no return to the original 2015 agreement .Because this deal failed to eliminate Iran’s capabilities related to enrichment, granted Tehran a permit for its undeclared nuclear activities, and failed to request inspections of Iranian military installations,” the officials emphasize.

The officers have stressed that it is imperative that the new deal also includes inspections anytime and anywhere. They also have demanded that the restrictions imposed on the Iranian ballistic missile program be included in any new agreement.

“Given the regime’s record of repeatedly violating its nuclear promises, any new agreement should include comprehensive inspections at anytime and anywhere, including military installations,” the Israeli letter states.

Earlier media reports said that Israel is very concerned about the possibility of Washington returning to the Iran nuclear agreement and trying in various ways to persuade “Joe Biden” US President not to ease the pressure on Tehran, according to the American AXIOS website.

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