Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, Attempts to Profit from Muslim Doctors’ Efforts

When crises and emergency situations hit the world, efforts are combined and endeavors are unified. So is the situation now, as the COVID-19 has spread all over the world, forcing the governments to impose unprecedented emergency measures, where doctors, nurses and medical staffs became the masters and heroes of the current period.

This epidemic does not distinguish between humans, it could infect anyone without exception. Likewise, the medical efforts exerted by all world’s doctors, including Muslims, who made tremendous efforts in European countries, sacrificing their lifes after being infected due to long contact with people who contracted the virus.

The Turkish official news agency AA, reported that several British institutions pay tribute to Muslim doctors who sacrificed their lives in the epidemic, as they were the first to pay this tribute in the UK’s health sector.

Until now, the coronavirus claimed the lives of five Muslim doctors and a Muslim nurse, according to the agency.

The Muslim Brotherhood, however, is taking advantage of this situation, where British doctors of Muslim origins rushed to combat the virus, creating a media and political campaign that should improve the group’s image. In the past, the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain and EU in general has raised serious concerns, as investigations revealed that this Islamic movement is the extremists’ first station, where they learn hatred of state and society.

Pro-Brotherhood media highlight the efforts of Muslim doctors, but at the same time wonder, how British media ignore them.

For this reason, MB-linked news websites, as well as countries supporting them, try to show the sacrifice of the Muslim doctors and nurses died during their humanitarian duty in combatting the Coronavirus as bravery reckoned to the group and its supporters, but not the result of fulfilling their duties as British citizens.

“Muslim doctors were the first to sacrifice their lives in Britain during the fight against the virus,” the President of the Cordoba Foundation Anas Al-Takriti said according to the London based al-Arab newspaper, calling on Muslims all over the world to be proud of them.

Al-Takriti is one of the most prominent figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in the EU and he leads campaigns for improving the group’s image in the western countries.

Observers say that MB attempts to convince western governments that they are the official spokespersons of Muslim communities in their countries, and therefore they should be rewarded for the positive roles of these communities. Some of the observers believe that these governments encourage the Muslim Brotherhood to play this role despite having evidence of the security, financial and social dangers of the organization.

Some observers say that the Brotherhood- desperately wanting to be officially rewarded for the work of Muslim doctors and nurses in combatting the epidemic in UK – has not changed its extremist ideology for decades, they see Muslims as groups that should be isolated from their societies, and not act and behave as British citizens.

However, the group does not mind blackmailing the British government to remain the representative of the closed Muslim society that has built a wall of fear of the West’s culture and values.

The Muslim Brotherhood has great means that it uses on sight of the successive British governments, including financial networks, charities and student associations, which it exploits in attracting the closed Muslim society and convincing them of the isolated society that refuses the other.

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