New Batch of Syrian Fighters Heading to Libya

Syrian human rights sources have revealed that Turkey has sent a new batch of Syrian fighters to Libya instead of withdrawing the groups deployed there, pointing out that the process of returning fighters from Libya to Syria is still stalled.

The head of the Libyan Presidency Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi, had previously emphasized, during his meeting with Turkish President in Istanbul, the need to adhere to the benefits of the transitional phase in Libya, and to stabilize the country through achieving comprehensive national reconciliation leading to elections in December of this year.

In the same context, the sources indicated that the new batch consists of 380 fighters who had been withdrawn from Syria to Turkish territory, during the past few days, before they were sent again to Libya, despite the cessation of military operations there.

The sources also pointed out that a large number of Syrian fighters, who were recruited by Ankara and sent to Libya, have expressed great dissatisfaction because of their poor conditions there and the lack of commitment of the Turkish army to return them to their country.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced a while ago that it will continue training the Libyan armed forces, within the scope of the Training, Cooperation and Military Consultation Agreement between the two countries.

The Ministry of Defense published, on its Twitter account, a set of photos showing the continuation of the training, to draw attention that the Ministry continues the training for the Libyan armed forces, within the scope of the Military Training, Cooperation and Consultation Agreement, and induction training is being provided to Libyan soldiers by on-duty staff.

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