New Escalation.. Iran Implements Its Threats On Nuclear File

Iran’s representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Kazem Gharib Abadi, has revealed that his country has presented the IAEA with its plan to end the IAEA’s comprehensive inspection powers under the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran’s move comes as the February 20 deadline set by the Iranian parliament to lift U.S. sanctions on Iran, before enacting a law requiring the government to expel IAEA inspectors.

“The Parliament Act will be implemented on time and the IAEA has been informed today to ensure a smooth transition to a new path in a timely manner, and after all, goodwill brings good intentions.” Abadi added in a tweet

It is noteworthy that former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has imposed a series of sanctions on Iran’s economy following its withdrawal from the nuclear deal which led to losses amounting to $150 billion, according to the statements of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Jim Jordan, a member of U.S. House of Representatives for the Republican Party, had previously revealed that the Iranian nuclear file would be discussed with Democratic representatives in the Foreign Relations Committee and other committees, coinciding with the escalating debate over the US administration’s policies towards the nuclear file.

Jordan also considered that the decision of former U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw from the nuclear agreement was a healthy step, while returning to it would be a mistake, in reference to the existence of a current rejecting that return within the Republican Party.

It is noteworthy that the U.S. President, Joe Biden, had earlier stipulated that Iran stop its uranium enrichment operations, in exchange for his administration’s start to cancel the sanctions imposed by the administration of former president, Donald Trump, after the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear agreement signed in 2015.

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