Once More Lebanon’s Drugs to Saudi Arabia. Army Raids AL-Beqaa

The Lebanese army has announced that it raided into AL-Beqaa region, as it had been there some ongoing drug-related activities. This raid came two days after seizing large quantities of Captagon that were on their way to Saudi Arabia through small generators. On Friday, the Lebanese Army, via its Twitter account, stated that it has been carrying out extensive raids in different areas in Al-Beqaa to control drug manufacturing plants.

Two days ago, the Lebanese authorities and Saudi media revealed that a quantity of Captagon pills had been seized at Rafic Hariri International Airport in the capital, Beirut. The pills were meant to be transmitted to Saudi Arabia.

The National News Agency has proclaimed that the security forces and the General Directorate of Customs seized a quantity of Captagon pills hidden in small generators at Rafic Hariri International Airport, in Beirut, that were destined to Dammam city in Saudi Arabia. Whereas the “Saudi News” account on Twitter has stated that the Captagon pills were stashed inside iron metal engines.

It is notable that last April, the Saudi customs at the port of Jeddah managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle a large amount of Captagon pills, approximately more than 5.3 million pills.  Unlike in Lebanon, those pills were hidden in a shipment of “pomegranate.” At the time, Saudi Arabia banned, as a result, importing fruits and vegetables from Lebanon.

Analysts hold Hezbollah militias accountable for the drug trade since the party controls Lebanon’s crossings and gives drug traffickers immunity against arrest.

In this context, on Wednesday, the Israeli forces arrested an Arab man and his son in Israel. They were suspected of smuggling a large pile of drugs and weapons into Israel from Lebanon for the benefit of Hezbollah, according to what the “Times of Israel” website quoted from the army’s statement.

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